• If you could make a list of everything you’ve ever worried about
  • Everything you thought you’d never get over,
  • Every answer you thought you’d never find,
  • Every fear you thought would be the end of you
  • You would realize that every single one passed.
  • Despite your doubt, and your disbelief, a way forward was made.
  • As time goes on, you will begin to see the magic in the process.
  • You will begin to understand why things had to unfold precisely the way they did.
  • You will realize that if you did not have the exact experiences you had just as you had them,
  • You would have missed out on the essential lessons, tools, and pieces of wisdom that built you into the person you are today and the person who will keep walking you forward.
  • When you look back on the past, you can see the purpose of how everything came to be.
  • Regardless of the twists and turns that brought you there.


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