The two factors that unconsciously influence our decision making.


The two factors that unconsciously influence our decision making.

We make decisions based on

  • The desire of pleasure
  • The avoidance of pain

We decide what we do based on these two factors of our emotions and afterwards, back up our emotional decisions with logical reasoning.

You can take some time to observe your decisions in the past few days.

It is likely to find out that, every one of them is based on emotion.

What’s more, every one of them will have something to do with either your desire for pleasure, your avoidance of pain, or both.

  • The desire of pleasure

What kinds of pleasure do we human beings pursue?

Well, we all know about physical pleasures, such as sexual pleasure or the pleasure of eating something mouthwatering, like your favorite flavor of ice cream.

And we certainly know about emotional pleasures, too, such as enjoying time with family and friends, or the fun of buying an exciting new toy.

But the pleasure of power when dealing with other people is a paramount influence in our decision-making.

This is the very pleasure that is widely misunderstood by many.

Have you ever had an experience with negative, difficult people?

Perhaps the person at the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the teller at the bank, the prospect who’s listening to your sales presentation, the civil servant, your boss, a fellow employee, the police officer, anybody, and everybody else.

It can be so annoying most times.

Here is what they all have in common: if they’re flexing their power over you, it’s because in some way it brings pleasure to their ego.

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  • The avoidance of pain

What kind of pain would a person want to avoid?

How about the pain associated with getting fired?

The feeling of pain that accompanies change, or of taking the risk of initiative, especially when that’s not normally a requirement of that person’s job?

What about the pain that comes with embarrassment?

Or of looking bad, the pain of losing face?

 You don’t want to look bad to others, or to feel bad about yourself, do you?

No one does.

People respond or react to us emotionally for two reasons:

  • either to gain a certain type of pleasure, or
  • to avoid a certain type of pain.


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