The impact of Focused, Preparation, and Practice on our success.


The impact of Focused, Preparation, and Practice on our success.


Focus does not come naturally to us, yet it is essential for anyone who wants to make the most of his LIFE.

Having plans and goals without focus, preparation, and practice is like being an octopus on roller skates.

You can be sure that there will be plenty of movement, but you won’t know in what direction it will be.

Plans and goals with focus, preparation, and practice direct you and have the potential to take you far in life.

Watch small children playing, and what do you see?

They move quickly from one toy to another and from activity to activity.

They expend tremendous amounts of energy but get little done.

That’s to be expected.

They are exploring their world and learning by doing.

Why focus is necessary.

Focus Increases Your Energy;

  • If you lack focus, you will be all over the place.
  • Attempting everything, like attempting nothing, will suck the life out of you.
  • It will sap you of energy and new opportunities.
  • And whatever momentum you have going for you will be diminished.
  • If you desire to achieve something, you first need to know what your target is.
  • That’s true even when it comes to personal development.

Focus Expands Your Life.

  • What you focus on expands. That may seem ironic, but it’s true.
  • Narrowing your view widens your perspective.
  • On the other hand, if you try to expand your view, instead of taking more in, it simply wears you out.
  • If you want to expand your capacity, then focus.

You must make an intentional effort to sustain your focus.

  • People do not naturally remain focused.
  • Just as light naturally loses its focus and gets diffused, so does a person’s attention.
  • It takes a lot of effort, but the payoff is significant.
  • And anytime you engage in a process that takes time, focus is essential.
  • Only people capable of remaining focused on their plan and achieving a level of success.

Focused on Results.

  • By focusing on results, you will find it easier to stay positive and encouraged.
  • Anytime you concentrate on the difficulty of the work at hand instead of its results or rewards, you’re likely to become discouraged.
  • Dwelling on the difficulties too long and you’ll start to develop self-pity instead of self-discipline, and your attention will become scattered instead of focused.
  • As a result, you will accomplish less and less.
  • You will come in contact with a lot of people who can impact your efforts as you work on achieving your dreams some in a negative way.
  • If you remain focused on results, you will stay grounded.
  • The praise of others is less likely to go to your head, and the negative impact of people such as the reducers and rejecters will be minimized.

Make a conscious effort to develop and follow your priorities

  • If you want to develop your talent, you need to focus.
  • If you’re going to focus, you need to work on knowing what your true priorities are and then following them.
  • If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.
  • Unfortunately, that is what many people seem to do.
  • They don’t focus their attention, and as a result, they become ineffective.

Focus on your strengths, not your weaknesses.

  • Focusing on weaknesses instead of strengths is like having a handful of coins a few made of pure gold and the rest of tarnished copper and setting aside the gold coins to spend all your time cleaning and shining the copper ones in the hopes of making them look more valuable.
  • No matter how long you spend on them, they will never be worth what the gold ones are.
  • Go with your greatest assets; don’t waste your time.

Principles of preparation

  • Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success.
  • Understand the power of preparation and all the things it can do for someone:
  • Preparation Allows You to Tap into Your Talent.
  • Preparation Is a Process, Not an Event
  • Preparation Precedes Opportunity. You can claim to be surprised once; after that, you’re unprepared. If you want to take advantage of opportunities to use your talent, then you must be prepared when the opportunities arise. Once the opportunity presents itself, it’s too late to get ready.
  • Preparation for Tomorrow Begins with the Right Use of Today. “If you are preparing today, chances are, you will not be repairing tomorrow”.
  • Preparation Requires Continually Good Perspective.
  • Good Preparation Leads to Action. Don’t over-prepare and forget to take action.

Note that;

Preparation does not mean mastery of the facts.

It does not mean knowing all the answers.

It does not necessarily mean achieving consensus.

It means putting yourself in a better position to succeed.

The effect of practice

Practice enables development

  • The tension between where we are and where we ought to be in practice.
  • People refine old skills and acquire new ones through practice.
  • How do we grow and develop? The answer is through practice.
  • You may prepare, and have good goals but it is a practice that leads you to success.
  • If you desire to improve and develop, then you must practice.
  • It allows you to break your records and outstrip what you did yesterday.
  • Practice keeps making you better than you were yesterday.
  • If you don’t practice, you limit your potential.

Practice Demands Discipline

  • There is no easy way to become a disciplined person.
  • It has nothing to do with talent or ability.
  • It is a matter not of conditions, but of choice.
  • But once the choice is made practice becomes a habit.
  • There is no easy way to become a disciplined person.
  • Developing discipline always begins with a struggle.
  • Practice both shows and builds commitment.
  • Your performance can always be improved


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