Self-centeredness is the root of all grief and problems. Find out how and why.


Self-centeredness is the root of all grief and problems. Find out how and why.

When a loved one dies, we tearfully ask ourselves,

How can I go on without them?

Giving in to strong emotions, we focus on the death and loss, crying,

I won’t ever see them alive on Earth again.

We then convince ourselves that our mourning is for the dead when in reality, it’s for ourselves.

Truly, your grief comes because of selfishness.

Pain and loss seem more real to you than the truth of your loved one’s happiness and peace in heaven.

Stop and ask yourself;

Why am I grieving?

Is this sorrow for them or me?

An honest answer will reveal the selfishness in your heart.

Whether you find yourself at a funeral or just in the middle of everyday life, self-centeredness can turn anything into a crisis!

What’s the big deal?

The big deal’s just that self-centeredness has magnified your molehill into a mountain.

Both of my televisions are old and beat up I need a new one.

I’m disappointed because I can’t purchase my new stereo system yet.

My car is already a year old. It’s time to buy another.

Character of self-centered individuals

Self-cantered people are easily offended.

Self-centered people are angry almost all the time.

They find ways to get upset over the simplest and silliest things

Then they proceed down that well-traveled path to depression, discouragement, and defeat.

Why? Because they are consumed with self.

Anger also manifests inwardly through self-pity, depression, and emotional wounds.

Whenever hurt, your flesh wants to magnify the pain and focus on the self.

However, you can stop 90 percent of your depression, sorrow, and wounding by loving others.

How does it work?

Think about it!

What do you do when someone comes against you?

Who do you think of first?

Do you consider the other person, or are you consumed with defending yourself?

Do you pout and withdraw from relationships in an attempt to “punish” others?

Do you persecute people until they come crawling back to you in repentance?

Are you a “blaster” soundly giving everyone within earshot a piece of your mind?

Or do slyness, patience, and subtlety better suit your retaliatory taste, since “revenge is best served cold!” No matter how you slice it up, it’s still self-centeredness.

The way out

If you would take a step back and be objective when you start sliding into another crisis, you could save yourself much grief.

Ask the hard questions,

Where do I stand in this?

Why am I so defeated?

Have I been stepped on?

If you deal with yourself like this when your feathers get ruffled, many of your “crises” would cease to be crises.

Lay down your speculative imaginations and take up a sober mind.

Humble yourself and believe in the best of others.

Pray for those who offend you.

Love God don’t just try to use Him

You are more blessed in giving than in receiving, so if you use your faith to meet the needs of others, yours will be abundantly met too

Let’s continue maturing in Him

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