TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; There are only few other guarantees. 


TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; There are only few other guarantees.

  • Becoming yourself is soul work.
  • It is reaching into the deepest parts of yourself and bringing them into the light.
  • It is asking yourself the hardest questions until you arrive at the truest answers.
  • It is discarding some of the coping mechanisms that you no longer want to be a part of you,
  • And being consistent with the ones you do.
  • It is keeping your word, firstly to your self.
  • It is learning to lean into your kindest, most beautiful parts.
  • It is finding yourself, and building that self outward.
  • It is taking your spirit and bringing it into form.
  • Yes, things can change,
  • Often faster than you realize and in better ways than you could ever imagine.
  • You have to find the courage to be uncomfortable, to process, to face things.
  • More importantly though, you have to come into the clarity that life can be dramatically different from one chapter to the next.
  • You will have other chances to be as you’ve always wanted,
  • Experience what you’ve always wanted.
  • Things really will change, whether you are confident in them or not.


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