Heart attack; What a Loving Wife Can Do

Major research on male heart attack patients has shown that the men’s feeling of being loved by their wives was the most crucial element that determined whether they survived an attack or not.

Heart attacks often become an eye-opener for estranged couples who have forgotten how to love and care about each other.

The sudden closeness that couples often experience after one partner suffers a heart attack can serve as an incentive for many of the patients to continue wanting to live, and the chances are that they will live.

A survey of male heart attack victims revealed that most men felt lonely or misunderstood before their attack.

Minor attacks led to death only in those men who felt that their wives no longer loved them.

If a relationship was brought back to “life” as a result of the attack, then even a massive heart attack could not take the person’s life.

Most men are quite sensitive at heart, even though they may not necessarily admit it.

They generally tend to put on a brave face and suffer silently when they have “heartache.”

Most men tend to consider it a sign of weakness to shed tears, especially if it is in front of a woman.

Yet the male’s tendency to repress feelings of weakness makes him a likely candidate for heart disease.

A heart attack can reveal his deep vulnerability and yearning for support and comfort.

His partner is allowed to see this “new” side of him, which can trigger love, compassion, and a new sense of intimacy, and give a new lease on life to both of them.

A new European study, from the U.K. showed that having loving, close relationships with spouses, relatives, or close friends helped to measurably lower heart attack victims’ risk of suffering a second cardiovascular event.

Heart attack survivors who don’t have an intimate relationship to lean on for emotional support or social interaction are twice as likely to suffer major heart problems within one year of their initial heart attack.

Please wives pay attention to your husband’s needs for support


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