TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; It Takes A Lot Of Heart To Be Who You Are.


TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; It Takes A Lot Of Heart To Be Who You Are.

  • You are a field of contradictions, a constellation of experiences both painful and gorgeous,
  • And all of the lingering hurts and shining possibilities that glisten in-between.
  • You might want to define yourself by the most knowable parts, the cleanest and clearest self-concept imaginable,
  • But the journey of true self-actualization is to embrace your juxtapositions.
  • It is to hold them up to one another and understand that it is not always comfortable to consider the aspects of ourselves;
    • that complement and contradict each other,
    • the pieces that don’t fit,
    • that don’t make sense
  • But coming to grips with them is how you become the fullest version of yourself.
  • It’s how you set your entire life free.
  • It takes a lot of courage to show your truest self to the world
  • And be okay with not being received by everyone, with not being seen.
  • It takes a lot of self-trust to stop adapting to tides that come and go,
  • But to stand firmly in who you know you are.
  • It takes a lot, and it matters a lot,
  • Because our self-concept is the foundation of every single experience you have while alive.
  • It is the filter through which you come to know it all.
  • When you are firm within your truth, you may lose some approval, but what will you gain?
  • That is immeasurable. Infinite.
  • That is what it has always been about.


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