Benefits of Stone Age Diet That Are Sure to Peak Your Interest.


Benefits of Stone Age Diet That Are Sure to Peak Your Interest.

Say goodbye to being ‘hungry’.

  • This is a combination of being both hungry and angry.
  • Being on a high-fat and low-carbohydrate diet helps you stay satiated for longer.
  • Some people experience a rapid drop in their blood sugar, which is followed by hunger and irritability.
  • This is called hypoglycemia, but the Paleo diet will help with satiety and you will find yourself eating less than with other diets.

Experience sustained weight loss.

  • Because of Stone Age food principles, you are consuming natural, organic, process-free foods that help in controlling your weight.
  • Processed carbs, sugar, and excess sodium are chief causes of weight gain.
  • In a Stone Age diet, once you get rid of foods that are discouraged by Stone Age diet, you will notice a dramatic improvement in your weight and your ability to sustain that weight loss.
  • Many studies have proved that things like high fructose corn syrup (a sweetener present in many processed food items) can be addictive.
  • The HFCS serves as empty calories itself, and your digestive system digests fructose in a different way from sucrose, but this is not the only cause of weight gain.
  • HFCS is known to be addictive and when you drink one too many cans of some fizzy drink, you are bound to put on pounds.

No more bloating and being gassy all the time.

  • You may have noticed that as you get older, eating certain foods causes your body to bloat and you are always gassy at night.
  • This is common if you consume sodium more than 1000mg a day.
  • With the Stone Age diet, the use of sodium and salt is discouraged because of its side effects that cause you to bloat, become gassy, and also be unable to burn fat if you are trying to lose weight.

Healthy fats like omega-3 are encouraged in the Stone Age diet.

  • The nutritional value of omega 3 has always been immense, but with this diet, your intake of this fatty acid increases to exponential levels.
  • Consuming omega 3 regularly benefits your heart, helps you burn fat quicker, helps you control autoimmune diseases like diabetes, and promotes positive brain development and a much healthier immune system.

Eating unprocessed food is the ultimate benefit.

  • This is something that cannot be overlooked about being on a Stone Age diet.
  • This diet encourages you to eat natural, organic food and tells you to avoid harmful processed foods that are full of negative additives, toxins, antibiotics, and growth hormones that are bad for your health anyway.
  • Above all, it has a good balance of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) and their appropriate ratios, which should not only nourish and give you exceptional overall health but also give you mental clarity and a generally better mood.

You will be in optimum health

  • You will be consuming many nutrients and Vitamins that contribute to giving you good energy for the day,
  • And strengthening your immune system the good fats in a Stone Age diet will help with good health of arteries, maintain good skin, and healthy brain function.
  • When you are on a Stone Age diet, the fats and oils you use will not be harmful to your body because the oils used on a Stone Age diet tend to be largely stable and won’t go rancid like other commercial vegetable and seed oils that go rancid quickly,
  • Which brings about toxicity to the oil that can be damaging to your body and promote negative heart health.

Eating habits affect your sleep.

  • People on Stone Age diet, have better overall health, which means better gut health, less bloating, less gassiness, water retention, and better sleeping patterns.
  • You will sleep better when you aren’t troubled by an upset stomach, or the feeling of being bloated.
  • Make sure to eat only when you are really hungry.
  • Eliminate as much stress in your life as you possibly can.

Others Include;

Keep exercising and apply a short but intense routine.

Instead of commercial multivitamins or supplements, make sure to only take a vitamin D supplement and probiotics.

You will find that Iodine may also need to be supplemented.

To increase your Iodine levels, you can also do this naturally and you do not have to buy expensive Iodine solutions.

You can naturally increase your Iodine levels with foods such as seaweed.

Take some time to relax, listen to your favourite relaxing music and enjoy life in general

Meet people, get into the community, play some cool board games, discover nature, travel, and just enjoy your favourite tea and relax!

Organize your personal life and work because only an organized person can lead a healthy life.

Decluttered life and mind is the basis for a healthy lifestyle.

So, by now you learned that the Stone Age diet contains low amounts of carbohydrates, a moderate amount of animal proteins.

It should also be high in fat.

It may be a bit easier to give up Savory foods and snacks, it can be much harder and more painful to let go off sugary and creamy juices and ice cream shakes.

There’s a whole culture of comfort built around these traditional shakes.

Gossiping friends, lovers on a romantic dinner, or a family night of movies and a couple of ice cream shakes,

How can you make the transition to a better lifestyle easier without sugar, butter, and cream?


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