Follow the vision that you find to be most meaningful and most worthwhile.

Not the vision the world attempts to superimpose on your psyche with all the charms and emblems of a life well-lived

A human being goes through the motions with the expectation and assumption that joy will somehow find them along the way.

Design your life to;

  • your own liking,
  • your own standard,
  • your own inner peace.

Rather than basing your decisions on how things appear, base them on how they feel.

The portal into your future life is often subtle.

It is the gentle intuition that there’s

  • a trip that needs to be taken,
  • a place that needs to be seen,
  • an experience that needs to be had,
  • a person that’s waiting for you on the other side.

You feel lost when you’ve walked by too many of these doorways, but there will always be more.

There will always be beautiful experiences waiting for you to choose them wholeheartedly.


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