• To truly pivot in life is not to move from one external path to another
  • But to stop navigating your course solely from the blueprint given to you over the years.
  • It does not mean to turn in a new direction,
  • But to first go inward, to learn how to hear your own moment-to-moment instructions.
  • It is to learn how to trust yourself, how to listen.
  • It is to lead your life with a deeper degree of integrity.
  • It is not to reconstruct your identity with pieces of what the world may deem more acceptable,
  • But to deconstruct the notion that you must fit within a mold at all.
  • It is your duty to see the best within yourself, because those that are aware of their own love, who believe in their own selves they move through life differently.
  • They are kinder, and more whole.
  • They are more forgiving and more accepting and more willing to learn, to empathize, and to find strength.
  • Whatever goodness you believe the world is missing is probably equivalent to a level of love resting dormant within you.
  • Uncover it.
  • Set it free.


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