The Best Way to Freeze Meat, Poultry, and Seafood.


The Best Way to Freeze Meat, Poultry, and Seafood.

When you freeze meats, including poultry and seafood, the goal is to prevent exposing the food’s surface to air and moisture.

It is possible to do this by tightly wrapping the meat in plastic wrap and then again in aluminum foil.

You can vacuum seal the food in plastic if you have a vacuum sealer.

You can get away with plastic freezer bags, which are thicker than regular plastic food storage bags if you press out as much air as possible.

But many people are trying to minimize the use of plastic nowadays, and wrapping meat directly in foil can give the food an off, metallic taste.

The best solution is to wrap the meat tightly in butcher’s paper.

Butcher’s paper is waxed on one side (that’s the side that should be touching the meat) and is available from office and craft supply stores

I know, it’s bizarre to see butcher’s paper right next to your kids’ school supplies, but there it is).

Once you’ve wrapped the meat in the butcher’s paper, tape it shut with masking tape.

Now wrap the package again, this time with foil.

Label with another piece of masking tape on which you’ve written the contents and the date.

You can reuse the foil wrapping over and over, but the paper wrapping is single-use only (you can, however, recycle it in most places).


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