TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; The life you lost because you put it on hold.


TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; The life you lost because you put it on hold.

  • Everything changes when you shift from attempting to force outcomes to attracting the very particular things that are meant for you.
  • It’s a surrender, allowing a butterfly to sit gently on your shoulder, to bond with you, to become yours not because you need them to be, but because some force just beyond you has bound you in a way you cannot logically explain or describe.
  • That’s the magic you’re looking for.
  • Your focus moves magnetism into your top priority, to become the strongest, clearest, kindest possible version of yourself, honing the skills that are uniquely yours.
  • Your priority becomes deeply caring for yourself in the most sincere ways.
  • What you don’t realize is that when you are nurtured, it changes the way you interact with the world around you.
  • It changes what’s attracted to you.
  • The things that are meant for you are drawn to you when your light is on, so focus on turning it on.
  • When you live like this, you find what you’re looking for in ways you didn’t even know you were looking for to show up.
  • It is time to take your life back.
  • The life you lost to fear, the life you lost to the opinions you valued over your happiness.
  • The life you lost because it couldn’t fit within the image that the world has made you think is ideal.
  • The life you lost because you came to believe you were not worthy of your joy, your own path, your own truth.
  • Hid it behind a someday, a maybe, a should be, a would be if only you found the courage to take even the smallest step toward the path you know is yours.


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