Enlighten Knowledge; Six (6) Basic Tips to Help You Grow Steadily and to Remain Relevant (P1)


1. Appearance matters

This is probably the hardest truth to accept.

If you have the reputation of being an office clown, you will not be taken seriously, no matter how hard you work.

If your colleagues are under the impression that you always reject everything and go home at five o’clock sharp, new opportunities will stop being offered to you.

Quick mood swings and outbursts at the slightest pressure, can’t help to build trust.

Fake busyness looks just like a real one.

That doesn’t mean you have to care about what people think about you all the time.

Always try to give people positive impressions about yourself and what you can do.

Just keep in mind that your appearance affects the way you are treated and your career.

Try to remind yourself of your competence and be professional.

Always remember that your appearance matters if you want to be successful.

2. Talk to the mirror

As strange as it may sound, you need to learn to talk to your own reflection in the mirror.

And not just talk, but convince it that

  • I am the best,
  • I am the most gifted,
  • I am the most capable,
  • I am the most talented,
  • I am the most confident.
  • I am the most beautiful.

This idea may seem ludicrous.

Ignore this feeling and get down to practice.

Convince yourself of your own strength and worthiness.

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3. Witness to Beauty

You can fill your life exactly as much as your imagination can capture.

It’s nice to be able to create something new, unusual, and weird in a good way.

Choose to be a witness to beauty, and it won’t take long before it appears before your eyes.

The way you see yourself that is exactly how others will see you.

For example, if you dress for an event and you say to yourself “This dress is not nice or good” everyone else outside will see you have said that it is not good. But if you say “Ah this dress looks awesome on me” everyone else will praise your dress.

Try to see the beauty in yourself.

4. Open doors are not so open

Executives often say that everyone is free to express their opinions.

They like to repeat: “My door is always open, literally and figuratively.”

But when you dare to speak out, you are met with hostility.

Most people just don’t know how to take feedback and perceive any sort of criticism as a threat.

So, try not to be too candid.

A little restraint won’t make you fake: it’s a manifestation of empathy.

Learn how to criticize correctly.

Don’t repeat the mantra of “honest” people who say that the rest of us just need to grow up and not be offended.

That’s a stupid approach because you will never change others.

Don’t try to enter every open door some are illusions, baits, or traps.

5. People never appreciate what they have until it’s gone

Whenever a relationship or opportunity comes to an end, there are always difficult times of mourning and sad feelings associated with it.

Respect that.

Remember that every end entails a beginning of something new.

Everything that should eventually end ends, and you must be happy with it.

Moreover, every time it happens you probably realize this fact at heart.

But what can actually change your life is your ability to take time to invest in your future instead of dwelling on the past.

6. Never asking for help is not strength but rather that is how you show your weakness.

If you are a human being and not a robot.

It is okay that sometimes you can’t cope with something.

In such a situation, it is normal to ask for help and accept help.

Especially, if the overall success depends on your actions.

Don’t box it up with your ego, just ask for help before it is too late.

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