Why the Need for Personal Education and Academic Education?


The need for personal education.

Personal education is getting to know yourself, your personality, and your temperament.

To understand yourself.

If you don’t understand yourself, it will be difficult for others to understand you. You may not even know your purpose if you don’t understand who you are.

So, seek to understand yourself first before any other thing.

To know your strength and your weakness as a person.

Knowing your strength, you can improve upon it and make it even better.

Knowing your weakness will help you to work on them to improve.

Everyone has strength and weakness aspect of their lives but the ability to know them is what distinguish as in the field of life.

The one who understands and knows his weakness will always be ahead because he knows what to do best and what he cannot. In choosing what to do and even their profession he will choose the best option that suits his energy and ability.

But if you don’t know and understand your weakness and strength, you may be doing try and error. You may even choose a profession that does not suit you and that will be the beginning of your frustrations in life.

Strive to know and understand your strength and weakness as a person.

To know your likes and dislikes.

Every being has something that like and things that they don’t like. People have things that irritate them and things that give them pleasure. There is a need to identify these things in your life because they help you to build good boundaries, personal values, and principles for your life.

Your life principles and goals resonate with your likes and dislike. Your circle of friends most times unconsciously resonates around your likes and dislikes.

It is also important to know that,

  • There is a known self.

That is what you know about yourself, it may be behaviour, attitude, or character. You know it and you are aware of it.

  • There is also a hidden self.

Your hidden self is usually a situational base. It is the self that shows when things are not well, when there is pressure, or when provoked. The individual may reveal that nature only in such situations. That is why a very calm person you know, or someone you know for a very long time will behave in a way that you will ask if he is the one. It is because that aspect of his self is hidden.

  • There is also an unknown self.

This one normally, you may not know about it yourself but others may see it. This unknown self may be positive or negative in nature. There is always a dimension of yourself that only others can see but you can’t see it. This is why everybody needs a mentor and somebody who can guide you.

The need for academic education.

Academic education whether formal or informal education is very necessary for growth and success.

It gives you information that becomes your knowledge and that knowledge makes you intelligent and also that intelligence will now help you to make informed decisions about life.

Academic education also helps you to integrate into the society and world as a whole with ease.

It gives you the platform to know how to relate with different people with different backgrounds and behaviours. This is because in your academic education, you meet different people with different backgrounds which you have to work with or study with.

A man with inclined personal education and academic education can go very far in life.

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