Enlightened Knowledge, Basic principles of becoming self-independent.


If you want to be self-independent, it is not enough just to “do something” or “work somewhere”. This is just the path to becoming more dependent on others. Note that to be self-independent is to have wealth.

And to become self-independent, you need to start following these simple principles:

Each of your problems should be solved in the shortest possible time, usually the least amount of effort is required to solve this problem. Be decisive! Think less and do more!

  • The first principle is less work for someone.

The more you work, the worse you live! Work – from the word slave. This is not to say don’t help people but working for others all the time will make you reliant on them for survival. If you want to become self-independent, then you need to work less for others and work more for yourself.

  • The second principle is, to strive to bring some value to the market.

People only will bring you money if you bring value to the market. But the amount of money depends on how convincingly you describe the benefits of this value. The value here is bringing solutions to people’s problems.

  • The third principle is to work only for your own interest.

Forget calls about corporate culture and loyalty to the company. The company always profits from you, otherwise, you would not work there. This is not to encourage disloyalty or laziness but don’t entrust all your energy and time into working for that company and forget about your own purpose in life.

  • The fourth principle is avoiding a poor environment at all costs because it almost always pulls you into poverty.

Even a very wealthy person will always have “relatives, friends, and other petitioners” who, if you do not professionally fight them off, will quickly deprive you of money. If you are still a poor person, people in your environment simply do not like, do not respect, and some even hate the rich. You should always communicate with Winners and Optimists. Surround yourself with positive-minded people who inspire you to do more.

In addition to the above,

Never and ever do you shirk responsibility. Be responsible for your life. Avoid blaming others for your failures and setbacks.

Moreover, your income must always exceed expenses. Do not spend more than you earn if not you will always be in debt. Always remember that the borrower is a slave to the lender. So, if you are always borrowing to pay bills and other expenses then you will always be a slave.

Furthermore, if you have little money, you need to do business. If there is no money at all, you need to do business urgently, right now! Look for problems and think of ways to solve them. Draw up the most successful solutions in the form of business projects and offer them to investors.

In conclusion, Help people. Not for money, from the bottom of my heart. But! Only those people whom you want to help yourself. They don’t have to be relatives or friends just help. Invest greatly in relationships with people of value. Learn to give and sacrifice but do so wisely.

  • Dream and believe that dreams will come true.
  • A person begins to die when he stops dreaming.
  • Never, never, never give up

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