A powerful homemade juice that is very beneficial for the body and brain.


A powerful homemade juice that is very beneficial for the body and brain

The ingredients of this powerful juice are all very beneficial for the body and brain.

  • Spinach is one of the most nutrient-dense packed foods you can provide your body with.
  • It provides you with energy.
  • Spinach helps you fill your stomach without adding a lot of calories and you feel satisfied and full.
  • Spinach contains phytonutrients that work as antioxidants battling against free radical damage.
  • By consuming spinach you are helping to nourish your body on a cellular level.
  • Spinach is a great ingredient for weight loss juices.
  • Spinach is also an alkaline powerhouse.
  • Baby spinach is great, too.
  • The health benefits of celery are very powerful, too.
  • In addition to being an alkaline food, celery is very low in calories and it is a great weight loss ingredient for juicing if weight loss is on your mind.
  • Celery is a great combination as a third ingredient because it brings even more health benefits.
  • Parsley is the third green raw ingredient that powers this juice drink to the next level.
  • Parsley also helps keep your body alkaline.
  • This green herb is not only powering up your juice with lots of health nutrients, but it also helps bring out the freshest taste ever.
  • It freshens up the taste of your juice because it adds more vitamins and minerals to your juice.
  • The great thing is that you can grow your parsley pretty easily at home and always have it ready to freshen up your juices, smoothies, and other recipes that you are making.
  • The fourth green ingredient of this power-packed juice is the cucumber.
  • The cucumber is a heavy hitter. I always keep a good stock of cucumbers at home.
  • Cucumbers are alkaline, and they do contain so much water that it is a very hydrating vegetable.
  • As you can see this juicing drink is loaded with powerful greens that you can mix up and find lots of variations that might work for you.
  • You can just add some zesty ginger, orange, and lemon to this power cocktail which makes the bitter taste of the celery sweeter and perfect for a healthy morning and breakfast juice.


  • Stalks of celery
  • Cup of Spinach or baby spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Orange
  • A few sprigs of parsley
  • small knob of ginger
  • lemon

Here is what to do.

  • Peel the lemons, limes, carrots, and beet.
  • Then cut and chop the fruits and veggies.
  • Put all the fruits and veggies from the ingredients list into your favorite juicer or blender or a combination of juicer/blender (Nutribullet) and strictly follow the directions of the manual that comes with your machine.
  • The manual will tell you what buttons to push and what speed to use. Juice the softer fruits/textures first.
  • You will see that when you are juicing the crunchier veggies and fruits they will help you push the softer and more delicate fruits and veggies through the blades.
  • If you are not using a juicer and only have a blender available, make sure first to strain the juice from the lemon and orange.
  • Once it is finished you can either leave the pulp inside or take it out.
  • This is totally up to your preference.
  • You then add the juice back to the blender and proceed.
  • Juice and Blend the juices with the other ingredients from the list above together as per instructions.
  • You can always add some raw honey or sweetener depending on your goal with these juices.
  • If the juice is too strong for you, you might also add some ice cubes or source water.


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