A Home-Made Juice That Can Help Your Body Burn Fat Naturally


A Home-Made Juice That Can Help Your Body Burn Fat Naturally

Who says that vegetables are for lunch and dinner only?

  • This juice contains delicious and zesty fruits that are swirled into the greens and this smoothie makes for a perfect wholesome and healthy start to your day so that you do not need to wait for lunchtime to eat these healthy veggies.
  • It does not only taste delicious, but kale provides the body with anti-inflammatory health benefits.
  • The Vitamin C of the lemon detoxifies your body and destroys intestinal worms
  • The carrots are helping your eyesight.
  • Just to name a few health benefits that come with this detoxifying drink.


  • Carrots
  • spinach or lettuce of your preference
  • kale
  • lemon

Method of preparation

  • Peel the carrots and lemon.
  • Then cut and chop the fruits and veggies.
  • Put all the fruits and veggies from the ingredients list into your favorite juicer or blender or a combination of juicer/blender (Nutribullet) and strictly follow the directions of the manual that comes with your machine.
  • The manual will tell you what buttons to punch and what speed to use.
  • Juice the softer fruits/textures first.
  • You will see that when you are juicing the crunchier veggies and fruits they will help you push the softer and more delicate fruits and veggies through the blades.
  • If you are not using a juicer and only have a blender available, make sure first to strain the juice from the lemon.
  • Once it is finished you can either leave the pulp inside or take it out.
  • This is totally up to your preference.
  • In this case you have to add the juice back to the blender and proceed from there.
  • Juice and Blend the juices with the other ingredients from the list above together as per instructions.
  • You can always add some raw honey or sweetener depending on your goal with these juices.
  • If the juice is too strong for you, add some ice cubes or source water.

Enjoy your Detoxifying Juice that will burn the fat and detox your body

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