Why personality and self-esteem awareness among students and teenagers.


Discovering your personality as students and teenagers;

  • help you to better understand who you are and how you function,
  • what you are good at and what you are not good at.

Knowledge of your personality is essential since it affects all aspects of your life;

  • from the subject or activities that interest you,
  • to the friends you choose,
  • to the way you behave and,
  • occupations you find satisfying as an adult.

By understanding your personality, you can begin to appreciate your very unique individuality, enhance your strength and work on your weaknesses or challenges.

As a teenager/student your need to make every effort to discover your personality.

Too many people (especially teenagers) today exist in the shadows. Their potentials and capabilities can not shine because they have low self-esteem, thus is low self worth, have self doubt and feel inferior and this affects all the aspects of their lives.

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