Why dogs never get missing no matter how long they have gone away from home.


Animals have unique characters and behaviors that help them survive daily.

Some of these characters include;

  • Communication
  • Courtship
  • Territoriality
  • Their feeding habits

Dogs are used for security purposes, and to safeguard properties.

They have a very high sense of smell

And also, a very high sense of recognition.

A dog in a locality or a house knows almost every individual in that house or locality.

Whenever a stranger appears in the vicinity, they are aware and start back at the stranger.

Because of their high sense of smell, they are used for hunting purposes by hunters.

They are even used by security agencies to locate drugs and other substances.

Moreover, dogs are also used by forestry guards or those who guard forest reserves to detect hunters whenever they enter the forest without authorization.

Dogs are one of those animals with unique behavior of locating their route back home regardless of how long they have left home.

How do they do it then,

  • When dogs are going out to an area, they are not familiar with,
  • You frequently see them urinate against buildings or trees as they move along the way.
  • Sometimes too they use their belly part to scratch against logs or structures on the way.
  • As they urinate it leaves scents/smells on the building, trees, and structures.
  • The dogs on their quest to return home, trace the scent of their urine which help them to get back home.

How to care for your dogs.

  • Give them unique names and call them by their name.
  • Feed them well.
  • Send them for check regularly.
  • If possible, bathe your dogs.

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