When you do this goats will not disturb your crops.


When you do this goats will not disturb your crops.

How to prevent goats from feeding on your crops in your backyard garden.


Goats are one of stubborn domestic animals that disturb people in the community whenever they wish to have a small backyard garden.

Sometimes, people resort to making fences which may be expensive to afford by all.

Even with the fence, some goats still find their way into the farm or garden to feed on the crops.

What can you do so that even without a fence goats will not disturb your crops;

  • Get goat faeces specifically dried faeces,
  • Make sure it is plenty enough and soak it in water.
  • Allow the soaked goat faeces to stay for about four days.
  • After the four days stir the mixture thoroughly to have a uniform solution.
  • Then, get a sprinkler or something that you can use to sprinkle the solution and sprinkle just a little of the solution on all crops.
  • That’s all you are done and free from the disturbance of goats on your farm.

How to stop animals from removing your seeds after sowing.

Sometimes, your may sow your seeds especially, groundnuts and maize but they may not germinate as expected.

Not because they were bad seeds or you have not sown them well.

It is not even because of bad weather conditions.

Then it is likely because some animals such as birds (crows, and wood pigeons) or reptiles (lizards) have removed the seeds and eaten them.

What to do when birds (crows, and wood pigeons) remove your seeds after sowing them.
Crows IMG 0.1

There are two ways to deal with this problem as a farmer.

The first method;

  • Sow the seed carefully so that none of them fall on the farm.
  • If any seed mistakenly falls on the farm, these birds may see it and start to dig out the one you have already sown.
  • This first method could also be used to stop lizards as well.

The second method;

  • Get a dead crow or wood pigeon.
  • Preserve it with the feathers on the body.
  • Hang it on a tree on the farm where it will be visible to the live birds.
  • By so doing the live crows or wood pigeons will not come to your farm.
Wood pigeon IMG 0.2

Note that you can also put some chemicals on the seeds that will deter these animals from eating them.  


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