When under any type of stress be it the stress from work or a workout your body is thrust out of balance.

And the collective steps it must take to recover is known as its allostatic load.

But pile on the stress and suddenly your load becomes overload.

How do you find your tipping point?

Think of an empty glass; that is your total tolerance to stress.

Under normal circumstances, you want the glass to be empty, so that you can add in things like

  • thermal stress,
  • high-intensity exercise,
  • or even caffeine,

which can stimulate the body’s stress pathways.

But if you are already enduring a lot of stress and not allowing yourself adequate time to recover your cup may be half full, causing it to overflow with any additional (and potentially beneficial) stressors.

Allostatic overload not only leaves you feeling crappy and burnt out.

It also makes you vulnerable to infection and disease.

Always be mindful of your total stress burden, and eliminate the sources of chronic stress first so that your baseline is an empty glass as opposed to one that is already full.

This way, you can continue to enjoy exercise, heat or cold stress, and, yes, coffee.

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