Trier general paper for nursing training collage final year students.


1. The nurse questions a doctor’s order of Diclofenac 100mg, tablet in a client with peptic ulcer. Which role best describes the statement?

A. Client advocate
B. Change Agent
C. Case manager

2. As soon as the placenta is delivered, the nurse must do which of the following actions?

A. Inspect the placenta for completeness including the membranes
B. Place the placenta in a receptacle for disposal
C. Label the placenta properly

3. A ten-year-old Kweku Senanu has a temperature of 39°C and he is restless. He is also unable to sleep and has general aches and pains. Which of the body systems would these signs and symptoms affect?

A. Circulatory and nervous
B. Alimentary and circulatory
C. Muscular and nervous

4. By convention, the Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD) is how many days after the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP).

A. 180
B. 280
C. 220

5. Ebben is remanded by the courts for psychiatric treatment. His police record, which dates to his early teenage years, includes delinquency, running away, and vandalism. He dropped out of school at age 16 and has been living on his own since then. His history suggests maladaptive coping, which is associated with:

A. Anti-social personality disorder
B. Borderline personality disorder
C. Obsessive personality disorder

6. When the nurse on duty accidentally bumps the bassinet, the neonate throws out its arms, and hands open and begins to cry. The nurse interprets this reaction as indicative of which of the following reflexes?

A. Startle reflex
B. Babinski reflex
C. Tonic neck reflex
D. Rooting reflex

7. The client said, “I am troubled that my son is starting to use drugs.” The nurse replied, “It’s troubling and painful for you, I feel sorry about this.” The nurse’s reply is an example of:

A) Empathy
B) Sympathy
C) All the above

8. Cartro Zuga on the surgical ward where you work has undergone an above knee amputation of the right leg after sustaining a crushed injury. He woke up from his bed and fell in an attempt to walk to the washroom. He tells the nurse he can feel his leg is still in place. The nurse explained this phenomenon to the patient as

A. Phantom limb sensation
B. Grief over the loss of body part
C. Denial of loss of body pain

9. During an immunization session for school children a mother asks the Nurse why the children need to be immunized for communicable diseases. The Nurse explains that when more children are immunized, more people are protected from communicable diseases. This line of thinking supports which ethical theory

a. Deontological perspective.
b. Utilitarian perspective.
c. Theological perspective.

10. During percussion, the Nurse strikes the terminal phalanx of one of the fingers with the other hand. Which of the fingers is to be used for the correct percussion technique?

A. Ring finger.
B. Middle finger.
C. Five fingers.

11. Mr. Addo, a 31-year-old man, has just been admitted with a severe painful swelling at the groin and has been diagnosed with a strangulated hernia. He is to be prepared for possible surgery. The BEST description of the treatment he will go through until discharge is ———- care

A. Intraoperative
B. Peri-operative
C. Postoperative
D. Preoperative

12. Madam Araba Sekua was delivered 24 hours ago at home and started showing signs of postpartum blues. The under-listed factors consist of the predisposing signs EXCEPT

A. Poor social adjustment.
B. Anxiety.
C. Home delivery.

13. Which of the following is a notifiable disease?

A. Malaria
B. Guinea worm
C. Chickenpox
D. Pneumonia

14. Madam Akoto entered the emergency unit with an unsteady gait, unable to support herself and with weakness. The nurse documents this presentation as

A. Symptom
B. Sign
C. Sign and symptom

15. A serious complication of malaria is
A. Anaemia and haemorrhage
B. Black water fever
C. Congested lung and fatigue

16. When performing a newborn assessment, the nurse should measure the vital signs in the following sequence:

A. Pulse, respirations, temperature
B. Temperature, pulse, respirations
C. Respirations, pulse, temperature

17. A newborn’s failure to pass meconium within the first 24 hours after birth may indicate which of the following?

A. Hirsch rung’s disease
B. Intussusception
C. Abdominal wall defect

18. Which conditions require extra care regarding the client’s nail care?

A. anticoagulation therapy and diabetes
B. incontinence issues
C. dementia and insomnia
D. obesity and irritable bowel syndrome

19. A client pays fees to the nurse with the reason that the nurse should pay it to the accounting office on her behalf and the nurse turns and uses the money personally, the nurse is guilty of:

A. Robbery
B. Embezzlement
C. Exploitation
D. Crime

20. An order is written to start an IV on a 74-year-old client who is getting ready to go to the operating room for a total hip replacement. What gauge of angio-catheter/cannula would best meet the needs of this client?

A. 18
B. 22
C. 24

21. Walter, a teenage patient is admitted to the hospital because of Paracetamol (Tylenol) overdose. Overdoses of acetaminophen can precipitate life-threatening abnormalities in which of the following organs?

A. Heart
B. Liver
C. Kidney

22. Another word for forcing a patient to do something against his or her will is _

A. coercion
B. Passive aggression
C. Aiding

23. You observe a co-worker sexually harassing a patient and choose to ignore it. This is an example of ____.

A. cease
B. passive aggression
C. aiding and abetting

24. To institute appropriate isolation precautions, the nurse must first know the:

A. Organism’s mode of transmission
B. Organism’s susceptibility to antibiotics
C. Patient’s susceptibility to the organism

25. Your fellow nurses are angry at you and lie to the charge nurse. He claims you stole money from a client’s purse. This is an example of ____

A. Misdemeanor
B. Slander
C. Libel

26. The nurse is assessing a patient with a history of a seizure disorder. While checking the patient’s vital signs, the patient develops rhythmic, jerking movements of the arms and legs. The nurse should IMMEDIATELY place the patient in which of the following positions?

A) Supine
B) Semi-fowler’s
C) Lateral

27. Withdrawal from the pleasurable activity is termed a?

A. Apathy
B  Ambivalence
C. Anhedonia

28. A 27year old had an abortion. Two years later she visits the hospital and the midwife asked her if she had ever been pregnant, and she replied “NO”. This behavior is termed…..

A. Displacement
B. Repression
C. Sublimation

29. Home accidents are common in children because they…..

A. Are difficult to handle
B. Their senses are not well developed
C. They imitate adults
D. Likes playing

30. A 5-year-old child with diarrhea has been put on IV fluids. The nurse must observe the rate of flow to?

A. Avoid fluid getting into the tissues
B. Prevent cardiac overload
C. Prevent increased urine output
D. Replace all fluid loss

To adequately prepare for exams you need to solve more questions to be familiar with the format of questions you are about to sit for. As the saying goes “Good practice makes perfect” let’s keep practicing.


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