TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; It will all become clear.


TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; It will all become clear.

  • Your existence only has to feel meaningful to you.
  • It is beautiful in the smallest ways.
  • Sometimes, the weight of your dissatisfaction comes from the crashing down of all the perspectives you’ve heard and held within,
  • What you’ve tried to measure up to as if one sunrise could compete with the next,
  • One flower could blossom more perfectly than the next,
  • One field of grass could flow with the wind in a more perfect pattern.
  • If you can manage to make one perfect moment, one fleeting second, within this day you have achieved more than you can imagine.
  • Let the seams unravel and reform your entire life the way you intend for it to be.
  • When you are forced to let go, you are also asked to exhale.
  • What does not hold is not meant to.
  • If you are not certain, wait.
  • Time reveals all truth, all-knowing, all reality that will come to be.

That is why;

It will all become clear.

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