TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; Don’t Deny Yourself Adventure.


TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; Don’t Deny Yourself Adventure.

  • There is an inevitability within certain things in your life
  • Certain things inside of you will emerge no matter where you are, who you’re with, or what other paths you come to choose for yourself.
  • There are simply things that are predestined, not because they’re chosen for you,
  • But because they are alive within you asking to be born outward.
  • You came here to grow,
    • not to acquire or accumulate,
    • not to be perceived perfectly or attain every charm in the world.
  • You came here to deepen, to let go.
  • To tie loose ends, to give closure.
  • To love; to love.
  • Please remember this when it feels as though you want to grip tightly to the pieces of your life that fit seamlessly within the structure of success, of safety, of making it.
  • You are a wild soul in a temporary form.
  • You are here to explore and have a story all your own.
  • Don’t deny yourself that.

Don’t and never deny yourself an adventure.

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