TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; Diving into what is worthwhile


TODAY’S WORDS OF ENLIGHTENMENT; Diving into what is worthwhile

  • There is not one thing that withholds you from your life as much as living in other people’s heads.
  • When you operate with the unconscious belief that to experience love is to earn it from others,
  • You exist to construct an image of who you are rather than the reality of who you might be.
  • You heal from this when you come to understand that you cannot truly control how you are seen, you can only project.
  • You assume.
  • What you imagine others see is more telling of your subconscious psychology than any external perception.
  • Understanding this unlocks wisdom about who you want to be.
  • Rather than trying to get other people to see you a certain way,
  • Ask yourself to actually become that way in real time.
  • That is the difference between grazing the surface of life, and diving all the way in.
  • If you are consistent in offering yourself loving thoughts,
  • You begin to form a sanctuary around yourself.
  • You begin to become your own refuge.
  • You start to build a belief system rooted in your own certainty.
  • The world and its opinions become less and less convincing as your foundation is built independently of how you’re perceived, consumed, and responded to.
  • You begin to understand that your experience of yourself is a sovereign thing;
  • It is not hinged on how much you can be affirmed or appreciated.
  • In that, you begin to form a wall of armor around yourself not one that does not let love in,
  • But one that is discerning about what is true, what is worthwhile, and what is allowed to enter.


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