• How do you keep going, even when you are ready to give up?
  • You realize that sometimes, your inability to force yourself to engage with the things you intuitively know your soul has evolved beyond is the greatest sign of growth.
  • It means that you have learned the lessons you needed to,
  • That you are ready for the next level, the next experience.
  • Your subconscious mind is designing an entirely new game for you to play.
  • You’ll have to stop being surprised that the old rules no longer work, or no longer apply.
  • You are not failing because your soul is not letting you go backward, or stay exactly where you are.
  • Sometimes, the greatest sign of growth is prioritizing rest and wellness, saying no, feeling more deeply, and expressing it more loudly.
  • What can seem as though it is your unraveling is sometimes your rebalancing.


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