EK #01

  • You will have to learn how to outgrow some things you love.
  • You will have to learn that some things are right for a time, but not forever.
  • You will have to learn that moving on from them does not diminish the place they held within you, the importance they have to you, or the impact they had on you.
  • You will have to learn that if you are not growing, you are not living.
  • If you are not moving on from anything, you are not moving toward something.
  • You will have to learn how to let go of some things that are still beautiful because you know that they are not quite right because you know that a deeper peace is waiting.
  • The people, places, and things that phase in and out of your life come to you for a specific purpose, and once their mission is complete, you can move on to the next experience.
  • You will have to learn that the very act of letting go is not a failure, but a signal of completion
  • One of the truest signs that you are evolving as a human being.

EK #02

  • You’ll be surprised by how consistently things will show up exactly as you need them to, and not a moment before.
  • When it’s time to act, the energy will come.
  • When it’s time to make the choice, you’ll know what to decide.
  • When it’s time to leave, you’ll find yourself writing the resignation.
  • Trust yourself.
  • You don’t have to predict every possible turn of the future
  • But strengthen your faith in the fact that you will be taken care of no matter where you find yourself along the way.

@EK #03

  • When we find it too difficult to arrive fully into the present moment, it is almost always because the quiet is telling us something we are not yet ready to hear.
  • The longer we avoid looking honestly at ourselves, the louder our inner worlds will become.
  • When we find the courage to look long enough into the eyes of our demons, they dissolve into crying children, just asking us to set them free.

EK #04

  • On the days when it hurts too much to dream, to hope, to think of anything beyond the line of sight ahead of you just rest.
  • You were raised in a world that believes your productivity can only exist in outward measure, that the only things worth doing are the ones that others can consume.
  • Your soul cannot be fooled by this, no matter how much your mindset can try to superimpose such rigid beliefs upon you.
  • Eventually, you give way to the guidance of your inner being, the part of you that knows how vital it is to recover, to reintegrate, to reflect, to balance all doing with the simplicity of being.
  • There is nothing wrong with you for needing to take life at your own pace, in your timing.
  • In fact, something is emerging from deep within you that is so strong in its conviction that it is making balance your highest priority.
  • Your unwillingness to press forward in outdated ways is not a sign of your noncompliance, but that the spiritual freedom you have cultivated from within is finally beginning to take root.

EK #05

  • Instead of thinking of every one of your qualities as fixed,
  • Consider that your environment and the structure of your day evoke different emotional states and, with consistency, can begin to appear on the surface as unmovable aspects of who you are.
  • What is happening around you when you are the most peaceful, open-minded, inspired version of yourself?
  • What is happening when you are not?
  • Is it possible that healing could look like making the smallest amendments and seeing how wide their effects might ricochet?

@EK #06

  • Until you confront the shadow of your self-disapproval, you will always be gazing out at the world in fear of who might not love you completely, who might draw your awareness to the part of you that already believes you are unworthy of being appreciated, of being fully and truly known.
  • You must find a way to make peace with yourself, even if you cannot madly love every last aspect of who you are.
  • You must come to a place of believing you deserve respect, even if you are still a work in progress.
  • And you must learn to see yourself with kinder eyes.

*EK #07

  • We don’t need a lot to be happy, but we do need things that are real.
  • We do need things that grip our hearts and enliven us and make us feel like we are here for a reason, here to experience something that could only be touched by a human body, understood by a human mind, loved by a human heart.
  • When we deny ourselves the authentic experience of being alive, we reach for more when what we want is not to stretch wider, but to go deeper.

@EK #08

  • In everything you choose, you must first ask:
  • But what will this do to my soul?
  • Will it bring me closer to a heavenly state of being, or anchor me into the ache of this world?
  • Will it make me more of the person I was meant to be, or will it distract me from the true work?
  • And will it pay the bills, but bankrupt my being?
  • Will it impress others, but disappoint the child inside me waiting to see what I do with my freedom?
  • Will I arrive at the end of my life proud that I did this?
  • But will I do this now, or will I wait until I am forced to make the decision I already know is right today?
  • Will I spare myself the suffering? Will I have courage?

EK #09

  • The space between no longer and not yet is what defines the pivot periods of our lives.
  • This is the time when we have nothing left to hold onto but also nowhere clearly to land.
  • This is when most people revert to their oldest and most familiar coping mechanisms, confusing what’s known for what’s right.
  • If we find the courage to hold our hearts open throughout this process, what we find is that we create an opportunity for miracles to find us, to take root in us, to change us through and through.
  • If we find resilience;
  • to make peace with the unknown,
  • to not require every answer to keep moving forward,
  • and to believe that everything will work out one way or another we begin to live more completely in the moment,
  • releasing the illusions that had been clouding us all along.

EK #10

  • Not everything you lose is a loss.
  • Some things are freedom.
  • Some things are a second chance.
  • And some things are also a miracle in disguise.
  • Some things are a detachment long-needed, a clarity brought to blurry eyes.
  • Some things are an intervention.
  • Other things are the unexpected answer to a long-chanted prayer.
  • Some things are healing.
  • Some things are becoming.
  • Meanwhile, some things are planned long before you ever come to be.
  • Some things are devastation, but others are a kind of vital guidance, the kind of course correction you did not even know you needed.
  • The kind you did not even realize you were asking for all along.

$EK #11

  • You will not truly feel settled until you have done what you came here to do.
  • Until you have reached into yourself and pulled out the most glimmering thing about you, and held it up for the world to see.
  • Until you have completed the work that only you could do, in only the way that you can do it.
  • And until you have made your gifts into an offering.
  • Until you have stopped trying to live up to some ancient concept of perfection,
  • But instead seek the radiating fullness of a life devoted to that which you alone are most suited for,
  • What you alone are most destined to complete.

EK #12

  • You are not looking for anyone else to give you the answers,
  • You are looking for what you already know to be reflected in you.
  • And you already know what’s true.

@EK #13

  • Throughout your day, you may have thoughts that try to steer you off your path.
  • They might be intrusive, sudden, and consuming.
  • Their intensity and frequency will differ at times, but they can always exist in some form.
  • Your job is to notice them before they convince you that they are true, that they are some kinds of compelling guidance.
  • You must learn to ask yourself:
  • Where does this thought intend to bring me?
  • Is it attempting to give a deeper clarity, or disturb calmed waters?
  • It is something my most empathetic, compassionate, empowered self would believe?
  • Must I choose to act on it?
  • Will I?

EK #14

  • When you feel a connection waning, that is when you must remind yourself not to steer another human being’s destiny.
  • That is when you must remind yourself that you cannot assume the dream you had for them is the same one, they have for themselves.
  • To love someone is to allow them to be sovereign.
  • It is to honour their path and their ability to choose how they want to spend their time and their life.
  • Learning to love in this way is the only way to experience true intimacy,
  • Not formed upon the basis of expectation or need, but the free will of two souls who see no more preferable way to spend their energy than on one another.
  • That is what you are waiting for love that is intuitive and clear, that does not make you question or doubt how worthy you are of being prioritized, of being invested in.
  • Love that chooses you as you choose it.


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