The Mind and The Body; You Simply Cannot Separate the Two.


The Mind and The Body; You Simply Cannot Separate the Two.

The myth, of course, is that there is a real distinction between body and mind.

There is, in fact, no fundamental separation between mind and body.

What happens to one happens to the other.

They are both part of the same functioning or dysfunctioning system and must be understood together in context.

You cannot have healthy cognitive or psychological functioning without a healthy, properly nourished body.

The best psychotherapy, brain training, or medication cannot put a nutrient there that is not there or remove some damaging substance that doesn’t belong.

They cannot even begin to compensate for poor dietary tendencies.

The brain and body need certain raw materials to function.

Without proper and sufficient raw materials (i.e., proper nutrition), no amount of any quality therapy or intervention will ever have optimal or lasting results.

Toxic stressors, be they sugar or starch, gluten, alcohol, heavy metals, excitotoxins, xenoestrogens, GMOs, contaminants, or EMF pollution, cannot be overridden with any amount of psychotherapy or the addition of more toxic stressors in the form of prescription drugs.

Furthermore, all neurotransmitters and neuropeptides have receptors that exist in literally every organ and system in the body.

Of the almost three hundred internal communication substances, nearly all are shared throughout the entire body and are anything but unique to the brain.

Even though neurons are not unique to the brain; they exist in abundance elsewhere in the body.

Medications artificially manipulate biochemistry to ameliorate symptoms.

All possess the potential for side effects and endocrine disruption.

Exacerbation of nutrient deficiencies and endocrine disruption occurs to some degree with most, if not all, drugs.

The fact is, all psychoactive drugs act upon cellular receptors that are designed for our own naturally produced counterparts.

The very use of these psychoactive drugs can diminish our sensitivity to our own endogenously made chemicals over time and disrupt healthy cellular communication and functioning, ultimately making matters worse in the long term (even when there seems to be short-term benefit).

Nutritional and dietary imbalances, food sensitivities, toxic influences, and neurological timing issues can affect virtually every disorder.

There are natural solutions to virtually everything, as the human body and brain are miraculously equipped to heal themselves if facilitated by the presence of needed raw materials, the liberation from toxic burdens, and an appropriate, healthy attitude.

It takes a certain determination and willingness to take responsibility for one’s well-being.

It takes a certain decision to take charge of discovering the answers for oneself.

Sometimes (in keeping with human nature), it takes reaching the point where the pain of the problem is worse than the pain of the long-term solution to arrive at real, lasting change.

Health is a choice we all make and a responsibility we shoulder.

The mind (including memory and emotion) is not simply contained in the brain; the mind exists as a “field” throughout the entire human organism!

What is done to the mind is done to the body, and vice versa.


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