The Light is in You and it Always has Been.

It is okay to say, that is not for me.

It is okay to say, I do not prioritize that right now.

It is okay to say, that is not the experience I am looking for next.

Sometimes, it feels easier to draw deeper lines, to say something is just an impossibility when it is simply a misalignment.

It takes time to stop conflating what you don’t want with what you can’t do.

You cannot hold it all, not all of the time.

Eventually, something has to give, something has to release.

Instead of dizzying yourself with all the reasons you are incapable, consider your energy your most valuable investment, and share it accordingly.

Comfort becomes a vice when what once held you together begins to hold you back,

When what’s comfortable in the short-term makes you lose sight of what’s best for you in the long-term.

Comfort becomes a vice when nurturing yourself is only reaching for the most soothing thing you can find without asking what is dysregulating you in the first place.

Comfort becomes a vice when what’s familiar becomes the only thing that feels possible.

Comfort becomes a vice when it does not help you face your fears, but run from them forever.

The most loving things about you are what will survive you long after you are gone.

Anything else is a shadow cast across your shimmering soul, here to teach you by contrast who you really are, and how you really are.

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