The pillars to achieving success are discipline and diligence.


Everyone desires success in both their personal and societal expectations.

There is no individual without ambition or the desire to be successful, well-to-do, and great one day.

But what defines where we find ourselves is how disciplined and diligent, we are in the things we do.

A person aspiring to be successful in life must strive to be disciplined in all aspects of life other than that, he or she is going nowhere.

The desire alone, the goals alone, and the willingness alone cannot guarantee a successful tomorrow unless there is discipline and diligence attached to them.

What then is discipline?

Discipline is an act of controlling one’s emotions and feeling in obedience to set rules and regulations as well as set values.

Discipline has to do with self-control.

A disciplined person obeys time and is punctual in what he or she does all the time.

Discipline also governs and directs your choices in life toward your goals.

People who are disciplined plan their time well and their day and they also make sure they go according to whatever they planned.

The act of discipline may come with the self-denial of temporal pleasures.

People who are often disciplined are seen as being strict by society most times, but it pays to be disciplined if you want to be successful.

People do not normally fail because they want to but most time people failed because they are not disciplined.

You must be disciplined in these aspects of your life if you want to be successful.

You must be disciplined financially if you want to succeed. Not everybody needs help that you are supposed to help. Be intentional about what you use your money for and invest your money in your goals.

Another aspect is to be disciplined in the kind of friends you keep. Your circle of friends is very important. The people you associate with every day influence the choices you make and the choices you are making every day is shaping you toward your goals.

Also, you must be disciplined in what you listen to and what you watch if you want to be successful. What you listen to and watch often becomes the taught pattern of your life subconsciously. So be careful what you listen to and watch.

Moreover, you must be disciplined when it comes to the use of time. Being punctual and working within and on time should be paramount. Avoiding procrastination at all costs and having effective time management value.

Furthermore, you must be disciplined in choices and decision-making. Don’t do things because others are doing the same. After all, your paths to success are not the same. The choices and the decisions you make today determine the kind of future you are building for yourself. A better future start with a good decision and the good choices you are making today.

In addition, you need to be disciplined when it comes to alcohol, any form of gambling, and women/men. Gambling in any form can not proper you and cannot also make you successful. Having multiple women/men is very expensive no matter how miser you think you are, it will still drain your pocket and even your health. Too much alcohol will not only cost you financially but also your health will be greatly affected.

You must be disciplined in the usage of modern technology (phones, TV, laptops or computers, and many others). These modern technological tools with social media can take your time and money without you knowing.

Now what is diligence?

Diligence is doing the right things at the right time and on time.

If a man is diligent, he does what is expected of him at the time it is needed.

A diligent person works when he is supposed to work and sleeps when he is supposed to sleep.

A diligent person will also invest when he is supposed to invest.

The diligent person does not easily give excuses when it comes to work, they are always on time.

Most people are not diligent,

They will sleep when they are supposed to be awake and awake when they are supposed to be sleeping.

Most undiligent people are praying when they are supposed to be working.

Some are also eating everything they have without saving or investing but expecting success.

They are always blaming others for their problems instead of taking responsibility and trying to do the right thing at the right time.

Some of the undiligent people who are students are always praying while they are supposed to be learning, even the God you are praying to said that “what so ever a man sow so shall he reap” in “Galatians 6:7-8”. You cannot sleep all the and expect success at the end of the day. And so, you cannot also pray all the time without learning and expect success. Try to be diligent in what you do if you want to be successful.

To achieve success, it is important to maintain discipline and diligence in everything you do. By striving to be disciplined and diligent, there is no limit to the level of success you can attain. So, focus on cultivating these qualities and success will surely follow.

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