Reason Why We Say Blood is Life

Blood carries much more importance than just being a vehicle for the distribution of nutrients and oxygen.

Our blood is the most precious thing we have in the body.

It carries all our thoughts, emotions, and memories and makes them available to every part of the body.

Blood is the creator of life in our body and is different in every person.

Each of us has a unique design of blood type, which is co-responsible for the uniqueness of our physical structure and personality.

The categorization of blood into a few groups ignores this fundamental uniqueness of every human being.

There is only one type of blood for one person in the world.

Blood carries decoded DNA, which knows what nutrients need to be sent where.

It knows of and responds to all our needs, discrepancies, strengths, and weaknesses.

The blood is filled with patterns and geometric designs that reorganize themselves according to our state of consciousness.

Every new desire, feeling, or intention reprograms the blood instantly and all the parts of the body it is in contact with.

When you take on another person’s blood you also take on his genetic information and part of his personality.

The immune system can easily get depressed when foreign DNA (or several kinds of DNA if the blood comes from various donors) suddenly and unexpectedly enters a person’s blood through a transfusion.

In many cases, the immune system is not able to fight off the many viral particles and toxins that are present in the donor’s blood.

The quality of our blood changes according to our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Negative thoughts create toxic blood whereas happy thoughts make healthy blood.

Fearful thoughts, for example fill your blood with adrenaline, loving thoughts flood it with interleukins.

Both literally move your heart but with contrary effects.

The adrenaline-shot causes panic to the heart; the interleukin-shot creates emotions of happiness in the heart and protects you against cancer.

Having a blood transfusion may create confusion and chaos within the body and mind.

On the other hand, refusing a blood transfusion and not resorting to alternatives may put your life in danger.

If you need a blood transfusion but prefer an alternative method, contact the Blood Transfusion Society in your country.

They may be able to put you in touch with a practitioner who is experienced in any of the above transfusion procedures.

If you pretend to be a Jehovah’s Witness the hospital will arrange for an alternative approach.


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