Qualities of a teacher which enhance effective teaching and learning.


There are many great teachers in the world, and what makes a teacher “good” can vary depending on individual perspectives and needs. However, here are some qualities commonly associated with excellent teachers that promotes effective teaching and learning.

  1. The teacher must have love. As a teacher, you should have love your pupils and you should love knowledge. A teacher’s love must take the form of a determination to help children develop their potential/talent, creativeness, social and education.
  2. Teacher must love knowledge and pursue it. You must remain a student all your life and find pleasure in in-service training and furthering your knowledge of the subject you teach. A good teacher always possesses deep knowledge and expertise in their subject matter. They have a strong grasp of the content they teach and stay updated with the latest developments in their field.
  3. The teacher must be kind, patient and understanding. As a teacher dealing with children especially teenagers, you are constantly concerned with human errors and weaknesses, and if you continually stirred to explosive anger by these, it is likely you will be failing as teacher who is to build people. You must see the weaknesses and short falls of your pupils with sympathy, patient, kindness and understanding. Understand that each student is unique and learns at their own pace. Demonstrate patience, offer support, and provide additional help when needed and create a safe and inclusive environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and seeking assistance.
  4. The teacher must have a sense of humor. This is very essential when it comes to effective teaching and learning. In the absence of humor, a teacher will find his daily task almost unbearable. You might become very frustrated if you do not smile at the weaknesses, stupidities, and indiscretions of children, but denounce and make loud noise against them, you will have a difficult life as a teacher. In you teaching, use the pupil’s sense of fun and love of comic to capture his interest.

Some other qualities includes;

  • The teacher must demonstrate high intelligence, fairness and firmness in dealing with children both in and out of class.
  • He must be able to control his emotions, conscientious and be responsible. Should work in the interest of the children.
  • Must be a good communicator, with clarity of speech to explain things to children.
  • Overcome obstacle in class and maintain discipline but also ability to take the right decisions on the merit of situations.
  • Applying principles relating to individual differences, allow students to participate and have self confidence.
  • The teacher must also be decisive, have physical energy, sincerity, integrity and adaptability.
  • Keep students alert through out the learning process.
  • The teacher must provide learners with a sense of achievement and awaken curiosity in learners.

Your love, kindness, patient, understanding and sense of humor must not however lead to indulgence and softness. Children mostly have little or no respect for teachers who “pets” them, they will have much respect for teachers who are firm and determine to push them ahead in their studies. 

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