Pills of Reality Series (Ep06); The Words Enlightenment.


EK #01

  • May this be the year you learn to believe in yourself?
  • May this be the year you find the strength to change what you cannot accept.
  • Or may this be the year that you start to see things differently, that you begin to let go.
  • May this be the year you’re guided to the souls who will see you, who will love you as you are.
  • May this be the year you look back upon and realize you have lived an entire lifetime within it, that the person you were at the beginning is not the person you find at the end?
  • And also, may this be the year you do not give up on who you were meant to be.

EK #02

  • One day, you will wake up and realize that the pieces all came together faster than you thought, and in a way you never would have imagined.
  • You will see the purpose in the lessons, in the pacing, in what is left and what stays.
  • You will see that you’ve carried everything you’ve ever learned with you and that all that wisdom is still inside.
  • Most of all, you will see that it’s still imperfect, and always will be.
  • Arriving isn’t a matter of completing, as that would be the end.
  • Arriving is a matter of trusting it’s all going to be okay.

EK #03

  • The voice of your inner limitation will cry loudly when you begin to surpass it.
  • It will tell you that this new world is not safe, for it is unknown.
  • It will enshroud you with visions of all that might fall apart, all that could go wrong.
  • What it does not know is that you are a child of the universe, no different than the branches, rivers, and vines.
  • The force animating all things also flows through you and will support you, no matter which way you choose to go.

EK #04

  • Everything that seems effortless is almost always the result of effort so exceptional, it appears non-existent.
  • That is what inner growth is like.
  • When you arrive, you appear entirely at peace, flowing gently through the days.
  • What becomes invisible through this transit is the aching heart you had to hold as it healed, the pain you had to find meaning in, and how you had to reconcile everything that didn’t make sense and form a new worldview through it.
  • Everything that seems effortless is almost always the result of the most extraordinary human feats.

EK #05

  • It does not matter how far you have wandered from your true self, there is always a way back.
  • You may have lost some time. You may have wasted some energy.
  • You may have learned some lessons harder than you ever needed to.
  • These are moments you never get back, but it doesn’t matter.
  • You’re realizing now.
  • You’re realizing before it is too late.

EK #06

  • How do you keep going, even when you’re ready to give up?
  • You realize that sometimes, your inability to force yourself to engage with the things you intuitively know your soul has evolved beyond is the greatest sign of growth itself.
  • It means that you have learned the lessons you needed to and that you are ready for the next level, the next experience.
  • Your subconscious mind is at work designing an entirely new game for you to play.
  • You’ll have to stop being surprised that the old rules no longer work, or no longer apply.
  • And you are not failing because your soul is not letting you go backward, or stay exactly where you are.
  • Sometimes, the greatest sign of growth is prioritizing rest and wellness, saying no, feeling more deeply, and expressing it more loudly.
  • What can seem as though it is your unravelling is sometimes your rebalancing.

EK #07

  • Love introduces the highest possible frequency into the equation, and so when it is present, it is transformative.
  • Like a door cracking to expose a stream of light into an otherwise dark room, once love is present, fear begins to dissolve.
  • If you need change, you need love, because the love itself will change whatever needs to be softened, lightened, and realigned.

EK #08

  • When our desires are not directly expressed, they tend to manifest in subconscious, maladaptive, insidious ways.
  • What’s within needs a way out, and when those desires arrive into willing hands,
  • Our minds are given a chance to find the healthiest way to fulfill those deepest needs.

EK #09

  • If you could make a list of everything you’ve ever worried about everything you thought you’d never get over, every answer you thought you’d never find, every fear you thought would be the end of you you’d realize that every single one passed.
  • Despite your doubt, and despite your disbelief, a way forward was made.
  • As time goes on, you will begin to see the magic in the process.
  • You will begin to understand why things had to unfold precisely the way they did.
  • You will realize that if you did not have the exact experiences, you had just as you had them, you would have missed out on the essential lessons, tools, and pieces of wisdom that built you into the person you are today the person who will keep walking you forward.
  • When you look back on the past, you can see the purpose in how everything came to be, regardless of the twists and turns that brought you there.

EK #10

  • To truly pivot in life is not to move from one external path to another but to stop navigating your course solely from the blueprint given to you over the years.
  • It does not mean to turn in a new direction but to first go inward, to learn how to hear your moment-to-moment instructions.
  • It is to learn how to trust yourself, and how to listen.
  • But it is to lead your life with a deeper degree of integrity.
  • It is not to reconstruct your identity with pieces of what the world may deem more acceptable but to deconstruct the notion that you must fit within a mold at all.

EK #11

  • Follow the vision that you find to be most meaningful and most worthwhile.
  • Not the vision the world attempts to superimpose on your psyche with all the charms and emblems of a life well lived:
  • A human being goes through the motions with the expectation and assumption that joy will somehow find them along the way.
  • Design your life to your liking, your standard, your inner peace.
  • Rather than basing your decisions on how things appear, base them on how they feel.

EK #12

  • The portal into your future life is often subtle.
  • It is the gentle intuition that there’s a trip that needs to be taken, a place that needs to be seen, an experience that needs to be had, a person that’s waiting for you on the other side.
  • You feel lost when you’ve walked by too many of these doorways, but there will always be more.
  • There will always be beautiful experiences waiting for you to choose them wholeheartedly.

EK #13

  • The purpose is not a single act;
  • But it is a way of moving through the world that ensures everything you touch is infused with a little more love than it was before.
  • It is a way of being that gives you softer eyes, the ability to see a little more potential, a little more hope, a little more possibility than the rest.
  • It is not any one thing you do, but a way you become.
  • A person you choose to be.

EK #14

  • The person you are is not the one who shows up on Friday.
  • Not the person on your résumé. Not the person other people have made you up to be.
  • You are the person who wakes up in the morning and carries yourself through the day.
  • You are the person who cries with grief and loves with all the hope you have left in you.
  • Also, you are the person who dreams, who tries, who fails, and who returns.
  • You are so much more than what you appear to be.
  • You are so much more than what anyone just looking at the surface could see.

EK #15

  • Sustained expansion outward requires consistent nourishment inward.
  • Remember this when it feels as though you need more rest and reassurance than ever.
  • It is most likely because you are also growing and expanding in unprecedented ways.

EK #16

  • There is so much power in the quiet.
  • Allowing yourself to build and blossom without any additional energy swaying you one way or another, without any other light taking your attention and making you turn away from where you need to stay focused.
  • There is so much power in what you do not say, in what you choose to keep your own.

EK #17

  • Can you imagine what your days would look like if you stopped doing all of the things you think you need to do to be cool and started giving yourself completely to the things that make you feel the most alive, the most like yourself?
  • I will tell you you’ll get a life that feels like it was built from the inside out:
  • Your dream comes true, as opposed to a life in which you feel like a stranger, disconnected but still moving through the motions, wondering why it does not fill your heart when it seems to initiate so much approval and praise.
  • The funny truth is that no matter which way you decide to lead your life, there will be people who resonate with it and people who don’t.
  • The difference is that when your life comes from an authentic place, you begin to attract the people, places, and experiences you want not the ones you think you’re supposed to want.

EK #18

  • How do you finally stop worrying?
  • You realize that the version of yourself that will be able to handle every situation that might arise in your life will be born at the precise moment that situation comes to be.
  • No matter where your path might take you, or where you go, the version of yourself that you will need in those moments will emerge right as you need it and not a second before.
  • You cannot call upon all of the parts of yourself to exist at once.
  • Different versions of you are needed for various aspects of your life.
  • Find peace in knowing that you are more than one thing, and within the layers of who you are both visible and invisible exists a strength that is equal to or more powerful than anything you may come to face.


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