Natural Ways of Handling Snake Bite Where there is no Hospital at Your Disposal.


Natural Ways of Handling Snake Bite Where there is no Hospital at Your Disposal.

Snake bite usually leave one or two tiny bite holes which cause intense pain

Frequently there is nausea, vomiting, and unconsciousness.

Pit viper which includes;

  • rattlesnakes,
  • copperheads,
  • and cotton mouths [also called water moccasins])

has a deep, heat-sensitive, pit on each side of the head.

Pit vipers lunge forward, bite, and immediately pull back.

Their venom contains a blood poison.

The coral snake does not jump and, when it catches hold of the flesh, must hold on and chew awhile for the poison to sink in.

Its venom is a nerve poison.

They are found only in the southernmost areas of the United States, as well as south of the border, and have brightly coloured rings.

There is a non-poisonous snake which looks similar, but the coloured rings are arranged differently.

Remember it this way: “Red by black, friend of Jack; but black by yellow, kill a fellow.”

The danger from snake bite occurs when the poison reaches the heart, and, secondarily, the effect of that poison on the blood and nervous system.

The action of the venom is rapid, regardless of the type of poisonous snake.

There is rapid swelling and inflammation.

If treatment is not immediately given, the poison may cause death.

If not death, then, after the initial effects of pain and shock begin to wear off, extensive tissue damage begins.

There is suppuration, gangrene, sloughing, and haemorrhage.

If this happens, recovery time is greatly slowed.

Possible Immediate Natural Treatment.


  • The best single remedy you can keep on hand is a small hand-suction extractor for immediately pulling the poison out of the wound.
  • Continue this for half an hour.
  • This suction is less useful for coral snake venom, but use it on all snake bites anyway.
  • If there is no other way to extract the poison, another person should suck it out, continually spitting out the blood, for half an hour.
  • The person doing the sucking should not have any sores in his mouth.
  • Suction can also be done with a pop bottle heated and applied.
  • As it cools a vacuum is formed.
  • Another alternative is to cut off the end of a plastic injection syringe at the bottom of the large end, apply to the bitten area, and pull back on the plunger.
  • The instruction formerly was to cut across between the two bite holes, so you could suck out more blood and poison.
  • The current theory is that no cuts should be made, but only sucking.
  • It might be the best to suck and spit for a couple minutes; this will clean the surface as well.
  • Then cut across, so you can suck even better.
  • But, when you are in the crisis, do what seems best.


  • Have the patient lie down, keep him calm and warm, apply a tourniquet above the limb where the wound is.
  • This constricting band should be tight enough to shut off the venous blood, but not so tight that it stops the arterial circulation.
  • Loosen the band 15 seconds every 10 minutes.
  • Do not give liquor to the person, thinking that this will help him. It does not.


  • Specific antivenin serums are in stock for various species of snakes. Learn to identify the various snakes in your locality.
  • Massive doses of vitamin C may save a life.
  • Keep calm and work carefully. Excitement speeds up the blood flow to the heart.
  • In most cases, the person does not die. But pray and get yourself prepared for whatever may happen.
  • After the suction process is over, take charcoal from the campfire, mix it with water and drink it, as follows: a half glassful of water with 1 teaspoon of charcoal, and drink another one every 15 minutes until the danger is past.
  • If able to do so, a couple hours later, take a steam bath or something similar, to sweat out the poison.
  • Throughout all this time, you should eat no food.


  • If, after several hours, the bite area is still swollen and painful, put kerosene on a cloth and apply it, keeping it wet for several hours.
  • This will help neutralize the poison.
  • An alternative is to grind up raw onions and apply to the area.
  • Leave them there until an offensive odor, not of onions, is noticed.
  • Remove; bathe the area; and apply rawer, crushed, onions until the pain is gone.


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