Know Yourself and Become a Better Person.

Knowing yourself calls for one essential quality which is self-honesty.

Start by playing your own confessor and writing a list of your positive and negative characteristics.

Then you’ll take a short test to determine if your relations with others leave something to be desired. Charismatic people are neither introverted nor extroverted.

They have found a way to balance these two extremes in their relations with others.

If you really think you can’t be honest with yourself, if you are convinced that you are bound to leave out certain aspects of your personality that you would rather not face up to, even if they’re not predominantly damaging, then we suggest having a sample of your handwriting analyzed by a graphologist.

A graphologist’s report will spell out your positive and negative traits in black and white. You may be unpleasantly surprised, but if so, you should remember that we are all capable of changing.

If you’re not sure of yourself or of your own judgment, but you don’t want to consult a graphologist, then ask someone close to you for help, someone you like but who also has a clear understanding of who you are.

Turn to a childhood friend or an old friend of the family, a brother or sister, someone you’ve worked with for several years, an old professor whom you got along well with, or a therapist whom you’ve consulted at some point in your life.

Remember that nothing is perfect and that perfection, if it did exist, would be singularly boring.

You should also know that you can transform your weak points into strengths.

Charismatic people are human beings just like you. They’re far from perfect. Very often their charisma depends on what we would consider to be a defect: ambition pushed to its extreme, courage to the point of audacity, and stubbornness with positive energy.

What you consider a significant fault in your own character may be the dominating quality in someone else whom you admire.

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