How to store maize grain at home without the use of chemicals.


How to store maize grain at home without the use of chemicals.

Maize grain is one of the widely demanded crops.

It is not grown throughout the year but has two major growing seasons in most of Ghana.

Because it is not grown throughout the year and its price hike at certain times of the year, many people wish to store it when it is available in abundance and less expensive.

The challenge is how to preserve it without it getting spoiled after some period.

Some people try to store it but failed because of probably the way they go about it.

Here is a simple and easy way you can store your maize grains at home for a very long period without it going bad.

You don’t need any chemicals, no actual technical knowledge is needed.

What you need is;

  • Your well-dried maize grain is free from weevils or any other living thing.
Dried maize grains ready to be stored 
Dried maize grains ready to be stored
  • You also need a gallon that is empty, well-washed, and dried (preferably the yellow frytol gallon as shown below).

Now what to do;

  • Pour the maize grain into your empty gallon to full.
  • Then close it tightly as much as possible.
  • After that, keep your gallon fill with the grain in a warm dry room.
  • And there you are, your maize can be there throughout the year without getting spoiled.

This can help you preserve your grain for the family and even for commercial purposes as well.

The method can be used to preserve your beans, millet, and sorghum as well.

You only need to follow the same procedure.

  • Get an empty gallon well washed and dried.
  • Fill the gallon with either your beans, millet or sorghum.
  • Close it tightly and keep it in a warm, dry room.

Remember that, the size of the gallon you are using depends on the quantity of grain you want to store.

Your grain should also be well-dried before putting it into the gallon.


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