How do you know you’re self-sabotaging?

The storm isn’t running out of rain because you’re chasing the clouds.

You’re seeking them out because you think you don’t deserve the light of day.

There are things we all endure, but not always.

The night does not go on forever, but our minds can make us think this is so.

The storm can become our comfort zone.

It can turn into the one space where we feel free enough to actually take care of ourselves,

  • to actually say no to the world,
  • to actually find ourselves,
  • to actually choose what’s true to us,
  • to actually express the feelings that we otherwise bottle up and hide.

Your journey is not about how fast you outrun the rain, but whether or not you stop and ask yourself what part of you feels nourished by it, and if there is a better way.

What matters is that, in the end, you can tell a story that you’re proud of.

That’s the light to hold all of your decisions up to;

When you’re old and retelling the stories of your life,

What will you say?

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