Feeding Your Mind and Spirit

In addition to healing the physical and emotional body, total health also means nourishing the spirit.

The spirit is an essential part of the mind-body-spirit triumvirate that is rarely addressed in medicine.

Most spiritual experts agree that the two most powerful methods of evolving one’s spirituality are prayer and meditation.

While prayer is an act of communion with and devotion to God, it has been shown in numerous studies to have a very positive influence on physical health.

Meditation is a part of many spiritual disciplines but is also used as a means of quieting the mind to bring about a deep healing relaxation response in the body.

Meditation was one of the multiple therapies Dr. Dean Ornish successfully employed in his famous clinical trials using natural methods for reversing heart disease.

In study after study, meditation has proven to have a direct and very positive influence on physical health.

In one study published in the British Medical Journal in 2001, for instance, forms of meditation such as saying the Rosary and reciting a mantra from Yoga were found to have a very positive effect on the respiratory system and heart.

It has also been shown to lead to improved digestion and immunity, and therefore disease prevention.

If you are interested in learning more about all the studies demonstrating the link between prayer, meditation, and health, you can enter those terms into the search engine.

If you want to learn meditation there are many approaches available. Some of these, like forms, are a meditation in motion by slowly performing low-impact movements to strengthen the body and calm the mind.

When most people think of meditation they imagine sitting cross-legged with closed eyes while chanting.

This is only one form of meditation among thousands that you could learn.

However, the basic principle is the same: the goal of meditation is to quiet the mind, to access the “gap” or the place of no thoughts, and to commune with one’s soul and with God.

The basic practice is to sit upright, close your eyes, and focus on the breath.

Reciting a word such as peace or love may help in focusing.

Anytime a thought enters your mind, gently brush it aside and go back to the breath.

The optimal amount of time to meditate is 20 minutes in the morning and in the evening.

In addition to the powerful health benefits of prayer and meditation, always remember that any experience that positively engages your mind and warms your heart is very good for your overall health.

Activities such as reading, for instance, have proven health benefits.

This means reading like this one, which provides you with practical steps to take toward health, and reading stories and spiritual works that can expand your consciousness.

When people read a quality novel or spiritual book, they often feel a sense of elation that is indeed good for their overall health.

That’s why listening to your favourite music, going to art shows, and other such acts that engage the mind and heart and produce a similar uplifting feeling are more than just entertainment they feel good because they are good for you.

They generate a variety of neuropeptides and hormones in your brain that can improve your health.

The same goes for taking walks with a loved one, playing games with children, pursuing hobbies and interests as a group, and any of the endless social activities available to us.

We’re social beings, and engaging in positive acts together is critical to nurturing the mind, spirit, and body.

Best of all, they are enjoyable.

Living life, to conclude, is one of the most important steps to live longer.


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