Daily Habits that could help in becoming more optimistic and develop a more positive outlook. (P2)


Inspire Yourself Daily

The easiest way to inspire yourself, I found, was to look at all the success you have had so far.

To do this, simply look at where you have been in your life. How  did you get there? How did you feel? What’s stopping you from repeating that success today?

Always never stop planning, preparing, or hoping to find the solution that will infuse your future. Simply by knowing what inspired you previously, you can go again.

My life prior to ever really trying to inspire myself with previous success was very difficult. My self-esteem was ruined and I continually believed all success was just luck.

Since the chance, I now repeat my old successes fairly regularly. I tend to find that my old success was driven by desire which is now missing when tried today.

Letting  Go

How will this benefit me in becoming more positive?

Many of us, myself included, are wrapped in our worldly possessions. From our cars to our TVs,    fear of loss makes us vicious. Losing that is the first step towards normality.

I simply had to start giving away things at first it was hard, but it got me to appreciate that life went on once that product left the house.

I’ve so far given away something of value to me every week to a friend, family member, or charity. It’s helping me appreciate that there’s more to life than sofas!

I found that without making this change I just continued to be paranoid and negative. The fear of losing my beloved possessions drove me to conservatism rather than fuelling ambition.

When I  decided to give things away, I felt emotionally liberated.  If you try it yourself then you will see just how easy it is to be ambitious in other ways.

Setting Your Goals

How will this help me become more positive?

The best part of any project now for me and you will be to establish goals. Planning the main goals with the most challenging first will make your life much easier moving forward.

The easiest way to apply this is either in  the morning or the night before. Simply plan out what you believe is the most difficult task waiting for you, and work on that first.

Getting rid of the hardest task each day will ensure that you have the rest of the day to work on the easier stuff. Leaving harder projects until later is asking for trouble

I was never productive enough and my acumen would suffer as a result. My business was unable to manage itself and carry the right formula forward, and I found that each day would become a random struggle that was hard to deal with.

Instead, you can change to this way of thinking it’s so much more productive it’s nearly not even true. Now, I have all day to handle small problems having used my morning to deal with the real ones.

Establishing Priorities

How will this benefit me in becoming more positive?

By creating a range and list of priorities I found it much easier to get to where I had to be in my life, ensuring that my days never became overwhelming.

An hour before bed I would make up a list of what the next day was to unfold with rough timescales for each, meaning that planning was made simpler.

Another major part of my day now was to practice this at night. I would make sure that my plans would become ever more rigid, to see how I handled deadlines like this.

I would just be chaotic and take “good days” and “bad days” where my work would pile up and become nearly impossible to deal with later.

Now, though? I  can live a happier quality of life as I know that my days are more consistent. Whilst there are fewer “good days” the “bad days” are finished with.

Discover How to Politely Decline Requests

How will this help me become more positive?

A major issue I always had was failing to say no to people it’s hard at times, and I used to just go along with scenarios making myself deeply unhappy.

To counteract this, I simply started to say no it sounds simple, but the first time I forced it out, the easier it was every time after that in the future.

Every time I was agreeing to something  I couldn’t or shouldn’t be doing. It made me feel more comfortable and improved both social and business relations with many   different people.

Life without making this change was very hard I would usually find myself making mistakes or getting into situations that I had no knowledge or experience of being able to handle.

Now, I feel more confident and in control of my future than ever before. I’ve stopped making the same mistake and instead am now living the life I intended to.

Daily Positive Habits that could help in becoming more optimistic and develop a more positive outlook. (P1)

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