5 Things to Consider in Your Vegetable Selection and Consumption


5 Things to Consider in Your Vegetable Selection and Consumption

There are some important guidelines to consider in your vegetable selection and consumption, as not all vegetables are created equal.

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Here are 5 factors to consider;


  • Vegetables rich in colour generally indicate that they are higher in vital nutrients than their pale counterparts.
  • For instance, dark green romaine lettuce, spinach, or kale is much higher in nutrients than nearly white iceberg lettuce, which has virtually no nutritional value.
  • Red onions are much higher in flavonoids and antioxidants than white or yellow onions.
  • The same is true for red grapes versus green grapes, and red, yellow, and purple bell peppers are higher in nutrients than green peppers and well worth the additional cost.
  • There are some exceptions to this rule such as cauliflower, which is white but which is still a nutrient-dense vegetable.


  • For purposes of your health, pretend that potatoes are not a vegetable but a grain.
  • That is because they are high in simple carbs and they act upon your body similar to grains and sugars, promoting weight gain and disease.
  • This is true whether they are baked, mashed, boiled, or fried.
  • Fried potatoes such as French fries are double trouble and you should avoid them like the plague.
  • French fries are high in dangerous trans-fats, which are fats damaged by the heating process that contain a molecular conformation that causes heart disease and cancer.
  • In addition, fried potatoes contain the carcinogenic substance acrylamide.

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  • Limit your consumption of other root vegetables, such as beets and carrots, as they are higher in carbohydrates than above-ground vegetables.
  • If you do eat them, eat them raw as cooking increases their glycaemic index.


  • Organic produce is usually much higher in nutrients and you’ll also find organic produce tastes better.
  • Moreover, organic farmers don’t use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, all of which can harm your health.
  • If you can’t buy organic produce, don’t let that stop you from buying produce at all,
  • Of course, just make sure you remove some of the chemicals by soaking them for 10 minutes in a sink with water, vinegar, and hydrogen peroxide, or a vegetable wash found at most health food stores.

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  • Focus on eating your vegetables raw.
  • Some people find raw vegetables difficult to digest and will have to incorporate them slowly and in small amounts.
  • The reason for eating raw vegetables is there are valuable and highly perishable micronutrients that are damaged when you heat them.


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