A Person You Choose to Be.

  • The growth is in the response.
  • The healing is in who you choose to become,
  • Regardless of what you’ve done or what’s happened in the past.
  • When you look for the lesson, you find the silver lining.
  • When you learn the lesson, you discover the purpose of the valley before the peak.
  • You begin to understand that life is not about what you accumulate or accomplish,
  • But who you become in the process,
  • How much you can be awake in the day before it passes,
  • How much you can believe in the unseen miracles inside that are waiting on you to unleash them into the world.
  • Purpose is not a single act,
  • It is a way of moving through the world that ensures everything you touch is infused with a little more love than it was before.
  • It is a way of being that gives you softer eyes,
  • The ability to see a little more potential,
  • A little more hope,
  • A little more possibility than the rest.
  • It is not any one thing you do, but a way you become.


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