Pills of Reality Series (Ep09); I hope you will begin to realize how powerful the mechanism of your mind is.


EK #01

  • How your stream of consciousness is offering you a glimpse into a realm of possibilities, and it is what you choose, what you return to, and what you begin to believe in, that will transpire in the most surprising and beautiful ways.
  • When thought meets intention, intention meets feeling, feeling meets choice, choice meets action, action meets consistency, and consistency meets time, you can build your way into an experience you previously didn’t even know was possible.

EK #02

  • You will be guided to exactly what you need, and not a moment before you need it;
  • Exactly who you’re meant to love, and not a moment before you’re meant to know them;
  • Exactly where you need to be, and not a moment before you need to be there.
  • Trust your journey.
  • It may seem as though it’s operating on some kind of chaotic timing, but in truth, you become aware of potential experiences as you are ready to have them.
  • Sometimes, it’s not the world you are waiting on, but yourself.

EK #03

  • It is time to take your life back.
  • The life you lost to fear, the life you lost to the opinions you valued over your happiness.
  • The life you lost because it couldn’t fit within the image that the world has made you think is ideal.
  • And also, the life you lost because you came to believe you were not worthy of your joy, your path, your truth.
  • The life you lost because you put it on hold, hid it behind a someday, a maybe, a should be, a would be if only you found the courage to take even the smallest step toward the path you know is yours.

EK #04

  • How do you heal when it won’t stop hurting? You let your- self rest.
  • You let yourself rest for longer than you think is reasonable, and you do not let yourself feel one second of guilt for that.
  • You go as easy on yourself as you possibly can. You nurture yourself in the simplest, most honest ways.
  • Moreover, you do the bare minimum and accept that on days like these, that is more than enough. You stop imposing a timeline.
  • You stop extrapolating this one moment and allowing it to overtake your entire self-concept.
  • You have smiled, and you will again.
  • It has been good, and it will be again.
  • You may forget this in your lowest moments, but what matters is that you validate where you are at;
  • What matters is that you make sure it’s not only the acceptable parts of you that get seen.

EK #05

  • Now, now, now. It’s all happening now.
  • All of it. Every joy, every sorrow.
  • The planting of every seed and the blooming of every flower.
  • The sunrise on one side of the world and the sunset on the other.
  • Every memory, every projection, every hope, every fear all stemming from the forever now.

EK #06

  • What if it is not that you cannot understand your past or imagine your future, but that you have not yet learned how to be here, now, now: the single stage where all of the time unfolds?
  • What if the journey was always about learning how to be in it, be with it, here, now?
  • It’s now, now, now. Now or never, now or no time at all.
  • It’s only ever now.
  • What will you do with your now?

EK #07

  • If it is truly meant for you, it will come back to you. If it is truly meant for you, it will leave only for the sake of teaching you the lessons you could only learn on your own.
  • If it is truly meant for you, it will return even if you’ve pushed it away, even if you’re in denial, even if you assume something so beautiful could never be truly yours because if it is truly meant for you, it is not a piece of you.
  • It is not intricately tied into the depths of your soul. If it is truly meant for you, the path you take when you turn away from it will be the road that leads you to it.
  • If it is truly meant for you, it is already waiting for you to arrive.

EK #08

  • I hope you will take nothing for granted no lesson, no person, no place.
  • I hope you will see that everything was a teacher, even the most unlikely of experiences was in some way there to guide your path.
  • But I also hope you will have faith in the fact that everything that’s meant for you will find you, remain with you, or return to you. It is only a matter of when.
  • I hope you will realize that when you ask for a bigger experience, you’ll first be handed the lessons that will grow you into the type of person who can have that life you envision.
  • I hope you’ll begin to see the purpose in what’s seemed meaningless.
  • Also, I hope you’ll never lose faith that your happy ending is still there, still waiting.

EK #09

  • Go, because it does not serve you to live beneath the weight of all the lives you could have lived.
  • Go, because if a dream still lingers within you year after year, it is not an escape, it is a calling.
  • Moreover, go, because if you get to the end only to discover you preferred where you were at the beginning, the doors never close on the places destined for you.
  • If it’s truly for you, it will always be waiting.
  • It will be a homecoming, one way or another.
  • Go, because one day you won’t have the time left.
  • Go, because there will always be another reason not to.
  • Also, go, because while you can measure everything you might lose, you cannot yet see all you may gain.
  • Go, because everything beautiful and secure that exists around you right now is simply proof of what you’re capable of creating, not a singular moment of goodness that will never exist again.
  • Go, because anything that pulls you is worth pursuing.
  • Go, because there is nothing riskier than ending this story with a heart full of regrets.

EK #10

  • You will resist your growth.
  • You will resist your growth because you were taught that what’s most familiar is most worthwhile.
  • And you will resist your growth because you came to believe letting go is a loss when it is a beginning.
  • You will resist your growth because you do not yet know that nothing presses you to release it unless something else is imminently waiting to arrive.
  • You will resist your growth in the same way a seed must break through its shell before it can take root, in the same way, the darkest hour of the night is the one before the first light of dawn meets the horizon.
  • But you will resist your growth until you learn that growth is all there is, and when you try to stop your evolution, you stand in the way of every beautiful thing you intend to experience.
  • You will resist your growth because it is scary to grow, but slowly you will realize, it is far scarier not to.

EK #11

  • Sometimes, your simplest visions are your most honest ones, your most sincere truths.
  • Not the most impressive story, not a world-defying feat of humankind, not a dream so extreme and singular that it would take a lifetime of devotion to achieve.
  • Rather, the dreams that make you feel it’s safe to exhale.
  • The dreams that signify a life kindly lived.
  • The dreams that make you feel as though you’re finally going home.
  • Those ones?
  • Find them, and run to them they are your truths most deeply held.

EK #12

  • If you’re going to judge yourself by anything, do it by how bravely you weathered emotional storms.
  • Do it by how many imperfect hearts you’ve loved, you’ve seen nothing but goodness within.
  • Do it by how many times you’ve laughed until you’ve cried, how many times you’ve been the best kind of friend.
  • Moreso, do it by how many times you’ve faced your fears and got up again despite it all.
  • If you’re going to judge yourself, don’t do it by what you had to do to get by, don’t sum yourself up by what you did to heal.
  • You are so much more than what you’ve survived.

EK #13

  • How do you stop worrying?
  • You realize that the power you need to get through absolutely anything is dormant inside of you and will not be activated until the moment you need it;
  • The version of you that will walk you forward will be born in the doorway of the moment you need them.
  • You are not meant to contain within yourself every possible version, every iteration, of who you might one day be.
  • You do not have to embody the fighter and the lover and the healer and the maker all at once.
  • There is a time for everything, a season for each.
  • The human spirit is the fiercest weapon on the planet and the force of all of nature is inside of you.
  • It will be awakened when you call upon it, and not a second prior.

EK #14

  • Nobody, not even the most seamlessly put together, ambitious, strong, popular, and healthy among us know exactly what they are doing.
  • We are all wandering through this dreamscape, trying to find our purpose, trying to make our way.
  • If you could come to see the things that pain you as not unique to your faults and rather a simple element of the human condition, you could show yourself so much more kindness, so much more grace.
  • It would be so much easier to move through life knowing you are not meant to be anywhere more than where you are right now, and the next place you arrive will be just in time, too.

EK #15

  • Walk as though your destiny could arrive at the door to meet you at any given moment because it can because it will.
  • Because none of us can perfectly predict the timing of how anything will unfold, but when you live with the expectation that good things are coming, they tend to arrive one way or another.
  • They tend to find you no matter where you might be.

EK #16

  • Let yourself be changed by the love in your life.
  • By the beautiful mornings, by the souls who want to meet you where you are.
  • By all the opportunities that emerged out of impossibilities, for every way in which the path unfolded even when you most feared it wouldn’t.
  • How tremendously you have grown, healed, and come so far.
  • Let yourself be moved by all the goodness that surrounds you.
  • You have so much more than you can currently see.

EK #17

  • The moments when you want to turn away from yourself, to distract and numb it all out are the very ones where you most need to go inward.
  • The ones where you most need to nurture yourself, to hear yourself out.
  • When you’re processing pain, one of the most healing things you can experience is the presence of someone to witness you, and to validate you and there is nobody who can do that more powerfully than you.
  • To believe in your story, to honour where you are on the journey it is priceless, it is life-changing.
  • You stop seeking external forces to tell you what you already know, and you begin to build an internal rapport.
  • You begin to re-parent the part of yourself that wants to be heard and seen and felt.
  • You begin to understand what you need because, for the first time, someone is listening.
  • You’re hearing what your internal self is telling you it wants to be.

EK #18

  • The most magnetic force you will ever possess is the power to be your true self.
  • Things align and click, and work a little more effortlessly than they did before.
  • You progress by leaps and bounds because you are no longer being held back by the little voice in the back of your head telling you that this isn’t it.
  • You unleash the full capacity within you because something deep inside knows this is what your energy is meant to be spent on.
  • This is what you’re meant to be doing with your life.
  • These revelations do not always occur instantly or easily, but they are always foreshadowed: and hinted upon over the years.
  • You can always trace the pieces back to their origin points, the genesis moments when you uncovered the littlest pieces of what the future would be.
  • Open your heart to what flows when you touch it.
  • It will revolutionize your entire world.

EK #19

  • When you are a child, your bones ache while they stretch and you come into the full form of who you are going to be.
  • But they do not grow forever.
  • It isn’t always that hard.
  • Your soul development is similar.
  • Eventually you settle into who you’re going to be and then your job is to be them as well as you can.
  • Eventually, you find yourself.
  • Eventually, you decide.
  • You were not built to sustain a constant trial and error, a constant search for truth.
  • You don’t always grow from the constant influx of new information input and experience,
  • But by focusing on the simplicity of the moment in front of you, the study of the person you currently are and not just the one you may one day be.

EK 20

  • Eventually, there will be a dream planted in your heart that seems beyond your capacity to hold, beyond your ability to manifest.
  • That is when the journey of your life will begin.
  • The journey into trust, into surrender, into stepping into the person that you need to be.
  • You will realize, in the end, that the point wasn’t really whether or not you ever arrived but who you became in the process.
  • Because that person?
  • They’re here for more than just that one, singular vision that lit you up and fuelled you to where you’ll one day stand.
  • That person is your true self, finally revealed.
  • The dream is the one piece of them that you can currently see.

EK #21

  • Each artist begins with a blank canvas, each musician the same octaves of notes, and each writer the same dictionary of words.
  • Mastery is not about the material, but what you do with it.
  • What you create upon it. How you piece and stitch and weave it together and create something that is at once completely new to your human self and the embodiment of home to your soul.
  • That is what you are longing for, after all.
  • The things that make you remember who you are.

EK #22

  • Piece by piece, you are going to make a life for yourself.
  • Not because you have finally arrived at a place where everything is perfect, but because you have allowed your flowers to grow in between the concrete of your grief.
  • Because you have chosen to believe in hope for just one more second than you have indulged your fear.
  • Because you learned to stop holding yourself to your impossible standards and began to practice following your heart through each hour of each day, letting it led you to the greatest revelations, smallest pleasures, and the quiet salve of healing hours.
  • You are going to make a life for yourself, even if you fear you’re not.
  • You’ve been doing it all along.

EK #23

  • Listen to the part of you that’s quietly reaching for something just out of your line of sight.
  • Follow it into the unknown and trust your most powerful inner guidance system wouldn’t keep asking you to leap
  • If there weren’t solid ground waiting to catch you,
  • If there weren’t greater loves waiting to meet you,
  • And if there weren’t bolder experiences waiting to find you.
  • The desire to leap is the promise that there’s something on the other side.


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