How to Brush Your Hair to Avoid Hair Loss and Early Baldness.


How to Brush Your Hair to Avoid Hair Loss and Early Baldness.

Regular brushing is an important step in your effort to prevent hair loss and improve the quality of your hair.

The pulling effect of brushing aids circulation and stimulates the scalp.

It also brings oil from the roots of the hair down to the ends, promoting a more lustrous look.

Finally, it helps to brush out debris such as dust, dirt, and flakes of dandruff.

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To achieve deep, scalp-stimulating brushing, you must work on your hair twice daily.

  • Gently brush for three to five minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening.
  • Brush for three minutes if your hair is short, and up to five minutes if it is longer.

Bending your head toward the floor while brushing will bring more blood flow to the head, increasing circulation to the scalp.

Do not overbrush (your scalp should not feel raw and sore afterward), or you’ll risk causing ‘traction alopecia’, a condition of temporary hair loss as a result of overzealous brushing.

Alternate with up and down strokes.

Move from the top of the head and down the sides, to the neck, sides, and forehead and up towards the top of the head.

Remember to start brushing at the roots of the hair; the glands of your scalp produce the best anti-dryness grooming oil available.

By completing the strokes in one movement, oil is evenly distributed.

However, if you have long hair, stroke only halfway, then hold the hair with one hand and complete the stroke with the other hand holding the brush.

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The problem with a continuous stroke on long hair is that of placing too much stress on the hair shaft and root, which can cause breakage.

The best type of brush to use is one made of natural bristle (usually boar).

Just like your hair, the bristle is made of natural keratin and will catch dirt and debris in the same way that your hair does.

The dirt is absorbed by the bristles and removed from the hair.

A nylon brush will not accomplish the same cleaning process.

When the natural bristle brush gets dirty, just scrub it with a dry towel, or wipe the bristles with a towel after each brushing.

Natural bristles have rounded ends, which is easier on the scalp and the hair shaft than the sharp bristles found on most nylon brushes.

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If you do purchase a nylon brush, make sure that the bristles have rounded ends.

Natural bristle brushes are commonly available in natural foods stores, Chinese community stores, and often in drugstores.

Wooden combs, also available in health food stores, keep out static, which can be a problem for certain types of hair.

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